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  • Excellent services and sell, outstanding product.

  • DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I had 4 sleepless nights after using this test as the results came back negative. I had to wait 3 days to go to a professional semen analysis lab all the time thinking Im infertile or have a low sperm count. On the 4th day the results came back completely the opposite.... through the roof! The stress caused by this product was indescribable and not what anybody should have to experience. Go do it properly... its not that bad!

  • Easy, simple, lightweight. Yet massively beneficial to your respiratory system.

  • Clears out allot more mucous faster then the average bulb

  • great product, had different ones, all bad, glad i found this one, very pleased. R.W.

  • I bought the Heal Force Prince 180B and would strongly recommend this monitor. I owe a huge thanks to Healthcare4all (Daniel) who discussed the machine prior to purchase and also gave me the much needed aftercare (even 15 months later!). Buying this meant that I was able to take some readings to the hospital and it was only then that they took note. I am now in the throws of serious investigation, but still use my machine to keep tabs on my heart. It has been invaluable to me! Thank you Daniel.

    Denise S
  • The Tenscare Touch Tens was delivered super quick, which meant quick relief from my frozen shoulder, Brilliant company to order from Very satisfied customer. Thanks

    Sarah Gurr
  • Had serious cold sores most of my life. Ointments did not seem to work. About 20 - 30 years ago bought a virulite and found it to be a good cure Didn't get another cold sore for several years. Gave the virulite to my brother, also successful with him. Bought another virulite and it too cured cold sores. It broke down after about 10 years so I recently ordered the replacement. Virulite not successful with my son in law. Have discovered that to be effective I must use the light immediately upon getting cold sore tingling symptoms.

    David Larner
  • Works a treat on my dog, better than the flea drops.

  • Ordered the item at short notice not realising it needed changing. Item arrived very good value well packed and very quickly. The company were also very helpful as I needed another 2 items to which they sorted out with the same speed and only charged one postage cost instead of 3. Highly recommended and will definitely use again. I recommend that fututre possible customers give them a try you will be suprised

    Alan scargill