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Sterimar Nasal Spray 100ml

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Sterimar Nasal Spray 100ml

100% Natural - Pure Sea Water

STÉRIMAR is made from pure sea water, which is collected in St. Malo Bay (France), 15 miles from the coast, at a minimum depth of 5 meters. These waters are monitored by an independent regulatory authority to ensure sanitary standards. It is then:

- filtered and sterilised
- diluted to 1/3, which makes it isotonic (appropriate for the human body)
Sea water has the added benefit of containing various naturally occurring trace elements, many of which have been shown to have antiseptic (silver & zinc), anti-inflammatory (copper) or anti-allergic (manganese) properties.

Since it is a natural product, STÉRIMAR is completely safe for use by anyone seeking relief from nasal problems: Safe for babies, children, adults.

STÉRIMAR is also free from medical side effects and has no drug interaction.

Safe for daily use

Safe to use as often as desired

Safe to try as a first resort or as an alternative to medication

Safe for use with other medications or just before using other medicated sprays


When STÉRIMAR Can Help

Hay fever and allergies - washes irritants out of nose

Post-operative cleaning - to promote healing and avoid infection

Before using medicated nasal sprays - allows medication to be effective, no drug interaction

Dry nose - naturally re-moistens nasal tissue

Congestion relief - helps to thin mucous and drain sinuses

Smoke and pollution - cleans residues out of nose

Blocked noses - gentle alternative to nose blowing


Specially Advanced Packaging

Micro diffusion technology allows STÉRIMAR to deliver a micro fine spray, which safely and gently cleans nasal passages.

Micro fine droplets allow gentle penetration of the nasal passages and allow the solution to disperse evenly

Can be used at any angle

All of the product is used (100ml dispenses over 300 doses)


Presented in aerosol form and featuring a unique process of microdiffusion, STÉRIMAR® is the gentle solution for decongestant nasal cleansing for all the family.
The unique STÉRIMAR® microdiffusion technique consists of a GENTLE FINE SPRAY of sea water onto the nasal mucosa. The droplets of sea water produced by STÉRIMAR® are extremely fine, and so remain in contact with the nasal mucosa for a longer period. This prolonged contact enhances the penetration of the nasal mucosa by the trace elements.

Each dose of STÉRIMAR® delivered is aseptic.
The anti-reflux valve prevents air from entering the can. The solution thus remains perfectly aseptic after each use. STÉRIMAR® can thus be used safely again and again until it reaches its expiry date, even after multiple uses.

Is the propellant gas inside STÉRIMAR® safe?
Yes, the propellant gas in the can is harmless. It is nothing more than nitrogen, an inert gas found naturally in the air we breathe. You can use STÉRIMAR® in complete safety. The can is made from recycled aluminium. The sea water is contained in a sterile valve-bag, completely isolated from the propellant gas and the walls of the aluminium can.
STÉRIMAR® is environment-friendly and all its packaging is recyclable.

Can I take STÉRIMAR® on board an aeroplane?
Yes. The propellant gas used by STÉRIMAR® is nitrogen, an inert gas found naturally in the air and completely harmless. We recommend using STÉRIMAR® when flying, at take-off and landing, to relieve the unpleasant sensation of blocked ears.

STÉRIMAR® is environment-friendly : its aluminium can is recyclable. The outer box is made from
recycled cardboard and the information leaflet is printed on chlorine-free ecological paper.
STÉRIMAR® cans and packaging can therefore be disposed of in normal household waste.

Can STÉRIMAR® be used on newborn babies?
Yes, STÉRIMAR® is a natural product recommended even in maternity hospitals.
Its exclusive anatomically-formed and self-blocking nozzle can be used as safely on
the tiny nostrils of a baby as on those of an adult.
1 – Lift off the protective cap
2 – Place the nozzle gently in the nostril opening.
3 – Press the nozzle briefly.
4 – Allow the excess solution to drain away, taking mucous with it, then blow your nose.
5 – Clean the nozzle in soapy water, rinse and dry.

Spray each nostril 2 to 6 times a day. The spray can be used when lying down, sitting or standing.

STÉRIMAR® can be used safely again and again until it reaches the expiry
date marked on the can, even after multiple uses over a period of time.

Can STÉRIMAR® be used by pregnant women?
Yes, STÉRIMAR® is a natural product : it consists of a solution of sea water at physiological concentration and contains no preservatives.

Please note - as this item is a pressurised aerosol, we are not able to despatch this outside the UK as we cannot use Airmail for delivery.

Weight: 160.00g
Manufacturer: Sterimar
Model: STERIMAR100
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Price: £5.10 (excluding VAT)
£6.12 (including VAT)
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