Last minute gift ideas from HealthCare4All


Well its that time of year again! Christmas is just round the corner and we are all hunting for bargains that we actually need! To be honest i can not believe its December already! I have hand picked some of HealthCare4All’s best sellers in case you still have not found what you are looking for!

xmas sale healthcare4all

We have had a fantastic year, researching and sourcing some amazing products. We also launched our brand new website! So, be sure to take a look! I always research the best products before selling them so you can assured of the best quality items from a team that always give 110% to make sure our customers are happy.

The LiceTec V comb £49.98

HealthCare4All are always searching the globe for the BEST products that are not going to break the bank! We have found an amazing gadget that will rid your children of LICE AND NITS and we have been ITCHING to tell you about it! Its called the LiceTec V Comb and We are also the UK Distributors!

Why is it so amazing?

Unlike most products on the market today, the LiceTec Comb removes both Lice AND Nits. It is completely safe & extremely easy to use. It works by vacuum, so there is no risk of an electrical current to the user or the patient.

You can actually see the lice and nits getting sucked into the illuminated filter so you KNOW that you have caught them! This eliminates the guesswork you have from other products. It even works on Lice that are resistant to chemicals which is becoming a worldwide problem called SUPER LICE!

It can be used as many times as necessary which a major reason we love it so much. The alternative is using lotions that cost £10- £15 and can only be used once! The LiceTec V comb is only £49.98 from healthcare4All!

What we also love about the LiceTec V-comb is that after it has sucked the lice and nits into the filter, you simply put the cap on and throw the filter away and you KNOW they have been safely disposed of!

As it is a registered medical device, it is marked with CE & FDA approved to give you peace of mind that you have a quality product!

We like to test our internationally sourced products and one thing that we suggest is that Technique on how to use the Comb is important. So please take a look at the instruction videos below.

Or perhaps the Medisana WL450 Colour Change Wake-Up Light With Radio £79.98


It has 2 adjustable alarms with MP3 player connection.
Relaxed wake-up with artificial sunrise: gradually increasing light for 30 minutes before your wake-up

Large, easy-to-read display with dimmer function (adjustable light and dark)
Colour-changing wellness light with 7 colours
Long-lasting, energy-saving LED lighting
Integrated radio
8 natural sounds with increasing volume
Snooze function and zizz (snooze) button (extra timer for alarm after 15 to 90 minutes)

Or the Panasonic Dentacare Rechargeable Oral Irrigator  £49.96

The Panasonic Dentacare range of oral irrigators have an incredibly good record of reliability and the new model, EW-DJ40 has arrived!!

With their usual heritage of strict quality control and factory testing we are confident the new model will more than live up to the reputation we expect from Panasonic.

Now, instead of having a separate charger base, the EW-DJ40 has an integrated charger.
Simply plug the lead into the access port on the side (designed to be fully water proof) and allow to charge.
The tank volume has been increased to 165ml and the whole unit condenses up when not in use – it measures 142mm (height) when closed and 218mm when expanded and in use.
This product has been designed to give years of good service – rechargeable battery life is expected to be around 3 years, depending on use and storage

Easy to grip & easy to fill with water – 165ml tank volume
Fully waterproof and washable
Built-in nozzle storage space
Nozzle is hidden when unit is condensed for storage
Charge indicator light on top of unit
Now fully charges in only 8 hours
One full charge provides around 15 minutes of use
Full tank of water will provide around 40 seconds of use between re-filling
Suitable for use with mouthwash

2 mode settings:
NORMAL – for removing particles, massaging gums and rinsing between teeth and gums
SOFT – for gently massaging the gums or when normal is too strong
Powerful waterjet removes food debris and massages gums. Removes the bacteria that cause plaque, but irrigation is not a substitute for brushing

 Or The Virulite Cold Sore Treatment device

An amazing NHS Recommended, CE & FDA approved product we found for the treatment of cold sores. Its called the VIRULITE COLD SORE MACHINE and as soon as I listed it on amazon the 5 out of 5 reviews started rolling it!  £79.99

What is it and how does it work?

  • Original Cold Sore machine made by Virulite
  • VCS1 Stops Cold Sores in their tracks when used at the first sign
  • Helps your skin to defend against the attack of the Herpes simplex virus
  • Uses Passive light invisible to the naked eye. Stimulating your body into reacting to the Cold Sore virus
  • Proven to work over and over. In some cases, the use of this machine prevents future attacks
  • Its developers claim that it  heals cold sores twice as quickly as using an antiviral cream.
  • Virulite is thought to increase the immune response to the virus

Or the MicroBase Pocket AirNeb Mini Portable Nebuliser  £74.99

Tiny travel nebuliser – less than 3 inches tall
Closed top medication chamber – add medication and it won’t leak out (unlike most other models)
Low power consumption (<1.5W)

Virtually-silent operation – ideal for night-time, or when you want to be discrete
Operates on 2 x AA batteries
Very economical replacement accessories (over 50% less than brand leader)
All accessories in stock for immediate despatch

Average battery life: 4 days based on 20 minutes per day of usage
Can be used from integral mouthpiece or supplied mask
Can even nebulise high-viscosity solutions – nebulisation will be reduced
Simple to use – one button operation
Nebulises to the last drop, and minimises medication wastage
Lastest mesh technology – using Excimer laser technology, the traditional problems associated with meshes such as clogging, breakage, corrosion and high power consumption no longer exist

Or Omron BF511 Body Fat Monitor Scales – DARK BLUE  £65.99

The new Omron Body Composition Monitor “The Family Model” is available in stylish turquoise (BF511T) and royal blue (BF511B). It measures body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, visceral fat level, skeletal muscles, BMI and resting metabolism. After each measurement an interpretation is displayed for all values.
The categorization of this product as a Medical Device and the clinical validation highlights the accuracy and reliability of “The Family Model”. OMRON´s flexible handheld with big screen and push-buttons ensures a very smooth and easy operation. “The Family Model” gives all family members the opportunity to professionally monitor their Body Composition.

Product features:
Body fat and classification
BMI and classification
Skeletal muscels and classification
Visceral fat and classification
Resting metabolism
Clinically validated
Memory previous values
4 user memory

If none of these products excite you please do Take a look at our shop for some amazing products and get those last minute xmas gifts!

Invaluable Advice from HealthCare4All for better Oral Hygiene

HealthCare4All Recommend The Best Products That Keep Your Teeth Healthy & Clean!

What is Good Oral Hygiene?

We all want a lovely smile, with clean straight teeth, and a mouth that’s healthy and fresh!  Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth not only enable you to look and feel good, they make it possible to eat and speak properly. Good oral health is important to your overall well-being.

The Main causes of Gum disease and tooth decay are mainly plaque and tartar build up. Good oral hygiene helps to prevent or delay dental erosion. 

If your gums do hurt or bleed while brushing or flossing, or you are experiencing persistent bad breath, see your dentist. Any of these conditions may indicate a problem.

Your dentist or hygienist can show you how to practice good oral hygiene techniques and can help point out areas of your mouth that may require extra attention during brushing and flossing.

Daily preventive care, including proper brushing and flossing, will help stop problems before they develop and is much less painful, expensive, and worrisome than treating conditions that have been allowed to progress.

So this week, I want to show you some of the best products that HealthCare4All recommend for you to keep your Teeth and mouth healthy and clean!


Manual or electric toothbrush?

When it comes to choosing between a manual or electric toothbrush, it’s a personal choice – they’re equally effective at removing plaque and debris if used correctly. Both types need to be kept in tip-top condition. Over time, bristles become frayed and worn, so remember to replace the toothbrush or brush head every three months.

A rechargeable or battery electric toothbrush appeals to all ages and it’s a real winner for young children. While the kids are attracted to the bright colours, the electric motion of the toothbrush does the job effectively.


Image result for braun 5000 smart guide

We recommend the Oral Pro 5000 Smart Guided Electric Toothbrush

This is no ordinary toothbrush: the huge box it comes in contains a unique wireless Smart Guide device that connects to the brush wirelessly and monitors your brushing.

It then gives you a dentist-like report on how you brushed and how you should be brushing to remove all that plaque. It has a timer on it so you monitor length of brush. It even documents the pressure with which you apply it to your teeth. If you put excessive pressure on your teeth, the red pressure sensor light appears.

It has several brushing modes including deep clean, whitening and massage. It also comes with a handy travel case and a wall mount so you can position your SmartGuide on the wall next to your bathroom mirror.

Oral B claims that the handset pulsates 40,000 times and rotates 8,800 times per minute to remove twice as much plaque as an ordinary manual toothbrush. In fact, it’s the only toothbrush approved with a Platinum rating by the British Dental Association. Its costs £99.98 from HealthCare4All

For the kids we recommend the Oral-B Advanced Power Kids Toothbrush  or the Disney Princess Toothbrush

Image result for Oral-B Advance Power Kids Toothbrush Disney Cars

  • Suitable for ages 5 years upwards

  • Powered by 2x AA batteries (Duracell brand included)

  • Smaller children’s brush head

  • Heads can be replaced

  • Designed to clean chewing surfaces

  • Helps to prevent tooth decay

  • Extra-soft flowered bristles

  • Indicator bristles

  • 2 year warranty

  • Only £13.99 at HealthCare4All

Cleaning Between Teeth

Dentists suggest that not only should we brush twice a day but also floss daily. Removing plaque between your teeth requires regular flossing at least once a day after brushing.  There are two ways of doing this, either using an electric irrigator or floss picks.

A wonderfully reliable and effective oral irrigator, the Panasonic EW1411  undergoes strict quality control and testing before the units are released from the factory.
The unit sits neatly on the re charger base which can be placed on the bathroom counter top/shelf or wall-mounted if preferred. This product has been designed to give years of good service.

  • Panasonic EW1411 Rechargeable Cordless Oral IrrigatorPanasonic EW1411, the compact complement to your oral hygiene regime. Get rid of bacteria and food residues from areas where even the best toothbrush can’t reach.Mouthcare with 4-mode Water Jet (4 pressure settings)Jet – to remove leftovers and food particles powerfully

    Interdental – for interdental care. For cleaning between teeth with intermittent jet for a longer time

    Air In REGULAR – for periodontal pocket cleaning and gum care

    Air In SOFT – for periodontal pocket care by massaging the gum gently

    Easy to Grip
    Easy to remove and clean water tank – 130ml tank volume
    Water tank provides around 35 seconds of irrigation or 120 seconds in interdental mode
    Tank is also dishwasher-safe
    Waterproof and washable
    100-240v automatic universal voltage
    Fitted with 2-pin bathroom plug
    Cordless Operation
    Maximum water pressure 588 kPa

    Interdental and Periodontal Pocket Care:
    Powerful jet water removed food leftovers
    Water jet mixed with air cleans up periodontal pockets
    Ideal for: misaligned teeth, between back teeth, between teeth and gums, around bridges braces and crowns

    Gum Care:
    Water jet with air comfortably massages gum

    Your Panasonic EW1411 is equipped with nozzle stand, a non-contact re-charger and Jet water nozzle rotates in every direction.
    Nozzle is a replaceable item

  • costs £69.98 at HealthCare4all

There are some irrigators that are cheaper such as the Waterpik wp462 available for £45.00, another great product..


Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless PLUS WP462
-in a Satin Black finish

The EASY and MORE EFFECTIVE way to Floss!
One Minute a day for a cleaner, fresher and healthier mouth!

Clinically Proven

* removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas
* up to 50% more effective for healthy gums vs. string floss
* cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline

The Waterpik Water Flosser provides a unique combination of water pressure and pulsations to clean deep between teeth and below the gumline, removing harmful bacteria and debris than tradtional brushing and flossing can’t reach. It also massages and stimulates gums for enhanced circulation.

Tips rotate 350 degrees to reach all areas of the mouth
Charger adaptor fitted with UK 3-pin mains plug

4 Tips included:
Classic Jet Tip – Best for general use
Plaque Seeker Tip – The easy and more effective way to floss. Best for Implants, Crowns, Bridges and General Use
Orthodontic Tip – Best for Braces and general use
Tongue Cleaner Tip – Best for fresher breath. Removes bacteria from the tongue to freshen breath

More benefits:
* Takes up less space on the countertop
* Can be used with your favourite mouthwash
* Rechargeable. NO batteries needed!

45 seconds of water capacity
Dual Pressure Control
2 year Warranty
Advanced Ergonomic Design with Non-Slip Grip
On/Off switch with easy slide control
Dual pressure control system – Low for sensitive gums. High for deep cleaning.
Quick release mechanism for easy tip change-out
Improved easy-to fill reservoir
Number 1 Model Recommeded by Dentists in the U.S.A

Healthier Gums in just 14 days guaranteed

We also love the Oral B Tooth Glide Floss Picks. These floss picks are amazing, they are so easy to use. I always found it difficult to get to some of my teeth when flossing, also I seemed to cut off the circulation in my fingers using the standard wire floss! These Glide picks are my personal favourite. It’s an ingenious design which allows you to place the floss between the teeth at the right angle without any trouble. You can even adjust the tension in the floss by squeezing the special area of the handle.

Image result for oral tooth glides

  • Slides up to 50% more easily in tight spaces* *vs. leading floss

  • Helps prevent gingivitis as part of a complete dental plan

  • Up to 90% more micro textured surface area than Glide Original

  • Provides a cool, clean feeling every time you floss

  • Now contain 30 flossers per pack

  • Strong and shred resistant with a light coating of natural wax for improved grip

  • They are only £7.49 at HealthCare4All

Of course there is audience participation necessary! Its important to eat a balanced diet, limiting(or eliminating)  sugary snacks and drinks. Using dental products that contain fluoride, including toothpaste and mouthwash. It’s also suggested that if you live in a non-fluoridated area, that children under 12 years old drink fluoridated water or take a fluoride supplement

Take a look at for all your oral Hygiene needs!


What is Arthritis? Here are HealthCare4all’s best products to help with the pain

arthritis pain winter

As the cold weather has arrived, I have been getting loads of emails and requests at my pharmacy to recommend products that can help alleviate aches and pains associated with arthritis. I have chosen 4 of HealthCare4All’s favourite products to stop arthritis being a ‘pain in the neck!’

Let us help keep you warm and pain free this winter! They are also ideal Christmas gifts for family and friends that are unfortunately suffering this winter.

What Is Arthritis?

pain relief for arthritis

AROUND 10 million people in the UK suffer every day with the symptoms of arthritis that causes pain and inflammation in a joint.

The two most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Osteoarthritis affects 33% of people aged over 45, making it the most common form of arthritis. The condition is caused when wear and tear to the joints stops them being able to move freely, leading to pain and inflammation.

Often called “wear and tear” arthritis, osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of the disease. In OA, joint cartilage breaks down over time, causing symptoms like joint pain and stiffness.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

RA is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks joint tissue, causing inflammation of the joint lining leading to joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Over time, the joint components are damaged and the condition worsens. About 400,000 people in the UK are affected, with three times as many women as men diagnosed.

Medication is needed to control the symptoms of arthritis such as pain, and to prevent further complications.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis but there are treatments which can help to slow the condition down. Also, there are things YOU can do to help with the symptoms!

  1. Watch your weight! As we get older we tend to put weight on, and this puts extra stresses on our joints. A healthy diet is essential!

  2. Do Some Exercise! The key to preventing arthritis is maintaining strength in our muscles.  We need to keep our muscles as healthy and strong to help with daily movements such as getting out of the chair, opening jars and getting in and out of the bath!

  3. Keep warm! Heat treatments, such as heating pads or warm baths, tend to work best for soothing stiff joints and tired muscles. Heat enhances circulation, delivering nutrients to joints and muscles. It’s good for getting your body limber and ready for exercise or activity. Cold is best for acute pain; it restricts blood vessels, slowing circulation and reducing swelling. It also numbs nerve endings, dulling pain.

1.The Beurer mp70 paraffin wax bath


  • For smooth and soft hands, feet and elbows

  • Promotes the absorption of nutrients and moisture

  • Conditions rough, dry or stressed skin

  • Increases blood flow

  • Adjustable temperature

  • Operating/Heating display

  • Including 2 x 450g paraffin wax (orange flavour)

  • Includes 30 plastic sheets

  • Mains powered

  • £70.00 with free delivery

2.Beurer HK54 Shoulder & Neck Electric Heating Pad

This Shoulder & Neck heating pad is made from soft and breathable material which provides warm, therapeutic comfort for your neck and shoulder area. Also featuring three temperature settings which allows you to easily adjust for your preferred heat intensity.

Image result for Beurer HK54 Shoulder & Neck Electric Heating Pad

  • Soothing heat from this electric heating pad, with a soft cosy surface and form-fitted design to ensure a comfortable fit for the shoulders and neck

  • The pad is individually adjustable by press stud & magnet closure

  • 3 settings on temperature controller

  • Illuminated switch positions

  • Control unit can be detached

  • Pad is machine washable at 30 degrees C

  • 100 watt power output

  • Timer function – powers off after 90 minutes

  • Electronic temperature regulation for safety

  • 3 year guarantee

  • Size of heat pad: 56cm x 52cm

  • £53.99 with free delivery

3.Beurer IL50 300W InfraRed Radiator Heat Lamp With Timer

Related image

The Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp IL 50  (£69.00 with free delivery) is a new flat infrared lamp designed for infrared irradiation of the human body. The infrared radiator can be used for warming relief of colds, muscles aches and tension. Infrared heat improves blood flow and increases metabolic rate. Infrared warmth stimulates the body to improve healing rates.

It delivers healing infrared heat to a target part of the body. For example, it can be used alongside other therapy in the treatment of ear, nose and throat problems as well as for facial and beauty treatments. It can also be effective as a supportive therapeutic tool for muscular tension, muscular aches and chills.

It has a high quality glass ceramic infrared plate as used on cooking hobs. This glass ceramic infrared plate ensures that the lamp delivers infrared radiation that is both intense and 100% safe.

It enables you to target specific body areas with the infrared heat as the lamp is equipped with a tilting mechanism that facilitates smooth tilt to a required angle.

The Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp features 15 minute timer and automatic switch off. The infrared radiator lamp offers the benefits of active ventilation (motorized fan) that prevents overheating during use.


4) Beurer FW20 Electric Foot Warmer £34.98 (inc VAT)

  • NEW: Cosy version with improved material for an even better experience!

  • Foot Warmer with 3 temperature settings

  • Precise temperature regulation with illuminated switching positions

  • Suitable for large feet measuring approx. 32 x 26 x 26 cm

  • Durable outer lining

  • Removable and washable fleece lining

  • 3 year guarantee

  • Caution: should not be used by diabetics without consulting your doctor

  • For health & hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned once opened unless it is faulty

Let HealthCare4All keep you WARM this Winter with our Luxury TOP 5

healthcare4all best winter products

Are You Struggling With The Cold This Winter? Let HealthCare4All Warm You Up in 2017!

This week I want to tell you about various products and treatments that can help keep you warm this Winter!

It looks as though temperatures will be below average for much of December, but exactly how cold is still up for grabs. i have already experienced snow and ice this month!

Forecast models are hinting that Atlantic weather fronts will try to push in from the middle of the month, and when rain meets colder air we could well get that all-important festive snowflake. (Just call me weatherman Dan)

Unfortunately we can’t all get to enjoy the thermal baths shown in the photo above, however we can curl up in front of the TV, watch some Sherlock Holmes with a lovely cuppa, keeping snug and warm with some of Healthcare4All’s amazing products.

I have selected 5 of my best selling products that can keep you toasty warm this Winter!

1) Beurer HK72 Mobile Portable Rechargeable Electric Heat Belt Pad £59.99 (inc VAT)

  • Up to 4 hours mobile heat independent from the mains – for maximum mobility

  • Powerful lithium-ion-battery pack with LED displays for charge function and temperature settings

  • With charger, charging time approx. 2-3 hours

  • Economic shape for abdomen and back

  • Thin design perfect for under clothing

  • Cosy and skin-friendly

  • Wide rubber strap with hook and loop fastener – comfortable to wear

  • 4 illuminated temperature settings

  • Automatic switch-off function after approx. 90 minutes

  • Machine-washable at 30 °C

  • Breathable Microfleece and Rapid heat up

  • Safety is the most important issue when it comes to flexible heating products. We are well aware of this responsibility and therefore use the well-tried and well established Beurer Safety System in our heating pads. The electric sensor technology prevents overheating in case of misuse by automatic switch-off, securing the highest possible safety.

2) Beurer FW20 Electric Foot Warmer £34.98 (inc VAT)

  • NEW: Cosy version with improved material for an even better experience!

  • Foot Warmer with 3 temperature settings

  • Precise temperature regulation with illuminated switching positions

  • Suitable for large feet measuring approx. 32 x 26 x 26 cm

  • Durable outer lining

  • Removable and washable fleece lining

  • 3 year guarantee

  • Caution: should not be used by diabetics without consulting your doctor

  • For health & hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned once opened unless it is faulty

3) Beurer HK54 Shoulder & Neck Electric Heating Pad £53.99 (inc VAT)

  • Soothing heat from this electric heating pad, with a soft cosy surface and form-fitted design to ensure a comfortable fit for the shoulders and neck

  • The pad is individually adjustable by press stud & magnet closure

  • 3 settings on temperature controller

  • Illuminated switch positions

  • Control unit can be detached

  • Pad is machine washable at 30 degrees C

  • 100 watt power output

  • Timer function – powers off after 90 minutes

  • Electronic temperature regulation for safety

  • 3 year guarantee

  • Size of heat pad: 56cm x 52cm

4) Beurer IL50 300W InfraRed Radiator Heat Lamp With Timer £69.00 (inc VAT)

Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp IL 50 is a new flat infrared lamp designed for infrared irradiation of the human body. The infrared radiator can be used for warming relief of colds, muscles aches and tension. Infrared heat improves blood flow and increases metabolic rate. Infrared warmth stimulates the body to improve healing rates.

Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp IL 50 delivers healing infrared heat to a target part of the body. For example, it can be used alongside other therapy in the treatment of ear, nose and throat problems as well as for facial and beauty treatments. It can also be effective as a supportive therapeutic tool for muscular tension, muscular aches and chills.

Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp IL 50 has a high quality glass ceramic infrared plate as used on cooking hobs. This glass ceramic infrared plate ensures that the lamp delivers infrared radiation that is both intense and 100% safe.

Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp IL 50 enables you to target specific body areas with the infrared heat as the lamp is equipped with a tilting mechanism that facilitates smooth tilt to a required angle.

The Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp features 15 minute timer and automatic switch off. The infrared radiator lamp offers the benefits of active ventilation (motorized fan) that prevents overheating during use.

5) Beurer FB50 Luxury Foot Bath Spa With Water Heater ( £106.00 )

Beurer FB50 from HealthCare4All

Relaxing foot spa bath from Beurer that features a water heater with variable settings, an LCD display to allow easy adjustments, and vibration AND bubble massage. What more could you want from a foot spa? This is my absolute favourite!!!!


  • Vibration massage and bubble massage

  • Soothing water heating at 5 levels (35 – 48 ?C)

    The LCD display shows the current water temperature. To change the temperature press and hold the temperature button until you have set the desired water temperature (35, 38, 42, 45, 48 ?C)

  • Integrated magnets and infrared for magnetic field & heat therapy

    The footbath has four magnets and eight infrared lights integrated into the bath. They promote your circulation and stimulate the reflex zones.

  • Removable massage roller attachments for foot reflex zone massage

    You can experience a special massage effect by moving your feet back and forth on the six massage rollers integrated into the bottom of the footbath. The massage rollers can optionally be removed by pulling them firmly upwards.

  • Enchangeable pedicure attachments

    Place the desired attachment on the holder in the centre. Press the attachment lightly down with your foot to activate the electric motor.

    The brush attachment can be used to stimulate the reflex zones in the soles of your feet

    The massage attachment provides a soothing massage for your feet and promotes the circulation.

    The corn and callus remover is used to remove dead skin cells and calluses.

  • Simple and convenient operation with LED display

  • Soothing infrared light dots

  • Massage-supporting footbed

  • Can be used for dry massage

  • Timer – can be set to automatically switch off, with a range from 20-60 minutes

  • Cord winder

  • Spray guard

  • Anti-slip rubber feet

  • Measurement (W/H/D): 50 x 39 x 22 cm

  • Weight: approx. 5.2 kg

  • Power consumption approximately 400 watt

The Beurer EM29 Knee and Elbow TENS Machine for Pain Relief from HealthCare4All

As the weather gets colder, more and more people are asking me for products to help with pain relief. Whether it is due to arthritis, sporting injuries or simply just pulling a muscle.

This week i want to tell you why HealthCare4All recommend the Beurer EM29 Knee and Elbow TENS stimulator for pain relief with 2-in-1 universal cuff.

Beurer EM29 Knee and Elbow TENS Stimulator for Pain Relief from HealthCare4All

Let me tell you a little about TENS machines first, what they are and how they work for pain management.

What are TENS machines used for?

TENS pain relief machines are used for a wide variety of pain, such as back pain, period pains, arthritis and sports injuries.

What should you do before trying TENS?

If you’re thinking about trying out a TENS pain relief machine, the first thing you should do is consult with your doctor. They can advise on other pain relief methods you may like to try, instead of or in conjunction with TENS. These can include physiotherapy or a referral to a pain clinic.

If you choose to go ahead with TENS treatment, a pain specialist may be able to loan you a machine to try out at home. Alternately, you can buy a machine. Healthcare4all has a range of high quality TENS machines on offer, which provide effective pain relief.

How do you use a TENS pain relief machine?

While the machine is turned off, attach the pads on either side of the painful area, avoiding irritated or broken skin, or any numb areas. Switch the machine on, and increase the strength of the electrical signal until it is strong but comfortable. When you’re finished using the TENS pain relief machine, switch the machine off and remove the pads.

Web MD recommends not using a TENS machine while you’re driving or operating machinery, during pregnancy, or in the shower or bath. They also advise not to change the use of your machine without consulting your doctor, and that you clean and check your pads regularly.

If you’re looking for a TENS pain relief machine, our store has a wide selection to choose from.  There’s also a large range of accessories available, meaning you’ll never be short of replacement pads or power leads, should you need them.

As a method of pain relief, TENS machines are a useful, non invasive alternative to painkillers. If you feel you may benefit by using one, speak to your doctor and try out a machine from our range today.

i Recently found an amazing TENS machine by BEURER, designed specifically for knee and elbow pain.

The Beurer EM29 2 in 1 is marvelous for the treatment of knee and elbow pain Knee and elbow joints which are put under enormous stress by sport and fitness or physically monotonous work.

The Beurer EM29 offers the application option for both areas of the body in one product.

The body fitting, ergonomic shape of the 2 in 1 cuff adapts to the individual body measurements.

The skin friendly material is comfortable to wear next to the skin.

The operating element can be clipped to the belt or waistband, so the treatment can be performed flexibly.

Knee and Elbow TENS
– Pain therapy (TENS)
– For use in combating pain in:
the knee/elbow
2 wear free water contact electrodes
Electrodes with water contact (no contact gel, no replacement)
Universal cuff for use on knees and elbows (adjustable with hook and loop fastener)
Flexible ergonomic shape
Circumference approx. 25 – 70 cm
4 pre-programmed applications
Controller with handy belt clip
Intensity adjustable from 0 to 20
Countdown timer
Safety switch-off
Battery changing indicator

The device must not be used by people with cardiac pacemakers, arrhythmias or epilepsy, or by pregnant women

Available from HealthCare4All for only £45.98

Get To The Bottom Of Your Sleep Problems With HealthCare4All

 This Week I want to tell you about a very cool product that will help you get a better nights sleep!

Sleep problems are a common issue and can have a negative impact on our health.
They can result in a lack of concentration, poor performance, and changes to our blood pressure and metabolism, which is why healthy sleep is particularly important when it comes to stocking up on energy and strength for day-to-day life. To get to the bottom of your sleep problems, Beurer has developed the SE 80 SleepExpert.

Ladies and gentlemen… I would like to introduce the…..

Beurer SE80 High Precision Sleep Expert Sensor

Beurer SE 80

Beurer SE 80 High Precision Sleep EXPERT Sensor

This non-contact sensor offers professional sleep recording in the comfort of your own home. Placed discreetly under the mattress, the device measures and analyses personal sleeping habits. Fall-asleep time and wake-up frequency are recorded along with the actual sleep duration. In addition, heart rate, breathing rate and interruptions in breathing are also recorded.

The compatible Beurer SleepExpert app records the measurements automatically and so enables precise sleep phase analysis, including sleep phase hypnogram. A “Sleep score” display provides simple and user-friendly evaluation of the results. The “Fresh Wake” function helps users to wake up well-rested.

Top features:

– Sleep monitoring to help you identify any issues

– Bluetooth connection to SleepExpert app helps you analyse data

– Wake up function so you’re not disturbed from deep sleep

Sleep monitoring:

Track the quality of your sleep, including restfulness, heart rate, and respiratory rate, with the Beurer SE 80 SleepExpert.

It discreetly sits under your covers and helps you to identify any irregularities in your sleep so you can work to make improvements and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.


The Beurer SE 80 transmits data to your smartphone via a low energy Bluetooth connection, and the data can be read via the SleepExpert app.

You can then analyse the data, which is equivalent to professional labs, and even show it to your GP if you are suffering sleep issues, for further advice.

Wake up:

Waking up in the correct sleep phase is important so you feel rested in the morning as being woken from deep sleep can leave you confused and irritated.
The SleepExpert helps you to wake in the most appropriate phase of your sleep cycle so you’re alert and ready for the day.

Available at HealthCare4All for £149.99

Protect Your Ears With The ProPulse Ear Irrigator from HealthCare4All

This week I want to talk to you about Ear Irrigation!

best ear wax irrigator


I appreciate ear irrigation is not the most exciting of topics to discuss, but the build up of ear wax is such a big problem I wanted to search out the best product to help.

Firstly it is necessary to understand that Wax is an important and natural secretion found in the ear. It keeps the ear canal lubricated and protects the ear against dust, dirt and bacteria, which helps to prevent infection.

If wax is not causing any problems, it is best left alone. However if it is causing problems  or has not fallen our within 5 days its a good idea to speak to your GP or pharmacist for advice.

Usually earwax falls out on its own. If it doesn’t and blocks your ear, put 2 to 3 drops of olive or almond oil in your ear twice a day for a few days.

Over 2 weeks lumps of earwax should fall out of your ear, especially at night when you’re lying down.

There is no evidence that ear candles or ear vacuums get rid of earwax.

Don’t use your fingers or any objects like cotton buds to remove earwax. This will push it in and make it worse.

If wax build up is causing deafness, problems with hearing aids, or is uncomfortable, it may need to be removed. Some people with tinnitus feel that their tinnitus is more troublesome when their ears are full of wax.

After a lot of searching and trying products, HealthCare4All have decided in their opinion that the best product is The ProPulse Ear Irrigator . It is amazing and new for 2017! Its costs £199.99.

propulse ear irrigator


The ProPulse Ear Irrigator 2017 model combines modern design with classic ProPulse features enabling effective patient care.
It has been completely re-designed and thoroughly tested to ensure reliability from a trusted brand.

Safety oriented operation provides an easy to use solution to Irrigation treatment requirements.

A full range of essential ear care products that complement the ProPulse Ear Irrigator are available, including Propulse cleaning tablets and replacement QRX tips

Key features include:
Variable pressure control providing safe water delivery
Ergonomic handle design facilitates easy tip removal
Footswitch enables hands-free operation
ProPulse Contrapulse water delivery system
Utilises ProPulse QrX Technology
Not for personal use, only for health care professionals
Mains operated (input 100-240v, 50/60Hz)
Includes wired foot switch and mains power adaptor
Safety feature will disable device unless footswitch is connected
Flow rate: up to 300ml/min
Water jet pulses: 1200 per minute (approximately)
Maximum operating time: 10 minutes continuous use (with a recommended rest time of 2 hours)

Includes: 10 QRX Tips, handle and non-detachable hose
Also includes: 1 mushroom tank valve (which is a user-replaceable part)


Check out HealthCare4All for more Ear care products!

The Best Luxury Heated Jacuzzi Bath Spa from HealthCare4All


For people that follow my blog you will already know that HealthCare4All will not sell a product unless i have personally approved it! We also make sure it is UK SPEC WITH UK PLUGS unlike most sellers. You peeps are going to love this one…

cheap luxury bath jacuzzi spa


Ladies and gentlemen, Please allow me to introduce you to The Ultimate in affordable Luxury Relaxation at home…


The Luxury Medisana BBS Heated Jacuzzi Bath Spa Mat With Remote Control

medisana luxury bath spa
The Medisana Luxury Bath Spa from HealthCare4All


The Medisana BBS Bath Spa really is a very high-quality luxury product that can transform your bath time.
Whether you are interested in using it for treatment of muscle aches, fibromyalgia, a different medical condition or just plain old luxury, we promise you will not be disappointed.
It has regularly appeared on television shopping channels and we have received a number of glowing reviews from our customers.
here is one example:

“Wow, this is amazing! i have tried all the well known brands of bath spa mats, and they were so noisy, it was like having a hoover in the bathroom.. not very pleasant! I highly recommend this, as it has a whisper quiet air blower , so all you can hear are the bubbles(which are very vigorous, and pound your shoulders , even on the lowest setting). Plus, it has a heat option , which blows warm air out, so the bath doesn’t go instantly cold. Def worth the extra money to get this bath spa…”

  • Large soft mat (approx. 120 x 36 cm) for comfort
  • Fits any bathtub
  • Mains operated – supplied with a 3-pin mains plug (to connect via standard socket or an extension reel)
  • Shiftable heating
  • Aroma dispenser integrated into air hose
  • 4-step massage or bubble spa function adjustable on the device or via remote control
  • Extra quiet due to noise-optimised construction
  • Relaxing bath spa with remote control and optional use of aromatic oils
  • Automatic switch-off
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • Only £159.00 from HealthCare4All


Revidox+ anti-aging and immune boosting supplement from HealthCare4All

At this time of year people are talking about Flu jabs and nasty colds that leave them coughing, sneezing and generally feeling rubbish. Its a great idea to take a supplement that will Boost your immune system to help fight off illness and colds.

This Week, I want to tell you about a product that is extremely popular in Europe and especially Spain, but is new to the UK. Its called Revidox and its the only anti-aging product and immune system booster whose efficacy is supported by clinically trials that showed results in 60 days!

There is a lot of hype surrounding Revidox, so before I recommend it I needed to find out if  the claim is justified?

So what is Revidox?

Image result for Revidox PLUS Healthy Skin Food Supplement

Revidox is an anti-aging supplement that not only keep healthy cells healthy but also rapidly replaces your dead cells too. At this time of year, when there are all kinds of bugs and flu viruses going round its a great idea to take a supplement that will Boost your immune system to help fight off illness and colds.

REVIDOX+ Helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails as well as adding to normal cognitive function.

It is a natural product with which is made from ingredients found in fruits, berries, grapes and of course red wine.


45 Kilos of Grapes in Revidox+

Revidox+(RRP £34.99 for 60days) is a NEW ‘beauty from within’ supplement containing all-natural ingredients including STILVID® – a 100% bio-active and patented form of Resveratrol, derived from the skin of grapes(2).


How does Revidox work?

Over twenty years ago a scientific study which became known as the “French paradox” showed why the French, who eat unhealthy amounts of fatty foods have the lowest rate of heart disease and related illness in the western world. The answer was found in the red wine they were drinking, to be exact, in the resveratrol in the red wine. Revidox contains STILVID®which is a new patented form of Resveratrol derived from the skin of grapes. It somehow (scientists are still working on this!) inhibits bacteriological infections that wear down the immune system and this is why so many consumers ‘feel’ much better afterwards.

It up regulates the SIRT 1 Gene and slows down cellular aging and helps maintains healthy skin.

Revidox contains the equivalent of 40 glasses of red wine! There is no need to drink 40 glasses of wine a day when you get all these benefits from a single pill and you cannot take too much of it. the more you take the greater the benefits.

Clinical trials have shown that there seems to be a correlation between Revidox and the anti-ageing process. This correlation has been enough to cause a surge in demand for the product!


45 Kilos of Grapes in Revidox+


What is in it?

Revidox+ contains a vital mix of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that work in harmony to maintain healthy skin and address the signs of ageing, including:

  • Pomegranate extract: rich in Ellagic Acid, polyphenols and Punicalagin
  • Vitamin C*: a powerful antioxidant proven to promote healthy collagen formation (responsible for our skin’s elasticity) to help encourage firm, plump skin
  • Selenium*: a vital mineral proven to shield cells from free radical damage whilst helping to maintain healthy hair and nails
  • Vitamin B2*: assists with maintaining healthy skin and energy levels. Like Selenium it helps protect cells from oxidative stress
  • Zinc: supports healthy hair, skin and nails, as well as supporting natural immune function


How often should I take Revidox+?

Take 1 capsule a day with a meal. We recommend including Revidox+ as a healthy habit from age 30.

*Dietary supplements are not intended to replace a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Cautions: Not for children under 12, or for pregnant or breast-feeding women.


If you would like to read a review by someone who has personally tried Revidox please have a look at one written by



  1. Clinical Trial (2011) – Conducted in Spain by Actafarma Laboratories involving 50 participants (male & female aged 35 – 65) selected by a dermatologist in a double-blind, randomised & placebo controlled clinical-instrumental assessment of the efficacy of a dietary supplement (REVIDOX+).
  2. Buonocore D. et al. Resveratrol-procyanidin blend: nutraceutical and antiaging efficacy evaluated in a placebo-controlled, double-blind study. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. 2012:5 159-165.


HealthCare4All’s Top 3 Muscle Pain Relief Products

HealthCare4All’s Top 3 Muscle Pain Relief Products

build muscle with HealthCare4All
Photo credit – Cristian Baron

This week I want to talk to you about Pain relief products, including a very cool Tens machine that also helps Build and Tone your Muscles!

1. PainMaster For Women Micro Current Therapy

Image result for PainMaster For Women Micro Current Therapy



Painmaster MCT Patch is a revolutionary Micro Current Therapy (MCT) device that is drug free, non-invasive and proven to control pain and promote healing. It is a Unique and medically tested breakthrough in pain relief
Placed on either side of the painful area, the mild micro-current safely and gently stimulates the injured tissue, activating the body’s natural healing process.

  • The Painmaster Patch can be worn under clothing and during everyday activities, sports and exercise.
  • Easy application takes just a few seconds.
  • Micro-current therapy is helpful in targeting treatment for multiple areas of pain and releasing muscle tension
  • The internal power supply allows up to 300 continuous hours of use without side effects.
  • Completely safe and easy to use day and night – 24 hours a day
  • Built-in battery lasts up to 300 hours
  • Patch can be removed and re-applied several times
  • Specifically recommended for Direct Drug-Free Relief, Regular aches and pains, CONTINUOUS AND OCCASIONAL PAIN
  • Painmaster Women includes new discreet green battery light and no-catch tabs for easy use under clothing
  • Only  £29.94

Patented and approved by the FDA, and CE certified, the patch conveniently goes everywhere you go when you apply it to the source of the pain for continuous effective treatment.


2. TensCare Sports Tens 2 Muscle Toning and Pain Relief Unit

Sports TENS 2 offers powerful muscle toning and pain relief for a wide range of sports. It builds and tones muscle, relieves injury pain, and gives relaxing massage. It has multiple functions – with 27 EMS programmes, 10 TENS programmes, 10 massage programmes, and 4 user-defined programmes.



  • Muscle training to improve endurance performance
  • Muscle training to support the strengthening of certain muscles or muscle groups in order to achieve desired changes to body proportions
  • Sports training: warm up, strength, speed, power, resistance, endurance, and recovery
  • Rehabilitation in relation to sports injury



  • Muscle training and fighting the fat
  • Programmes for face, tummy, upper arms and cellulite



  • TENS pain relief
  • Programmes give a relaxing, resting effect
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Special leg massage programme for swollen legs and varicose veins



  • Li-ion mobile phone style battery
  • Power – 99mA into 1kOhm – enough for the largest muscles
  • 9 three stage preset muscle stimulation programmes, each with settings for small, medium, and large muscle groups = 27
  • 2 fully adjustable manual muscle stimulation programmes, Active rest in muscle stimulation programmes &
    10 preset and 2 manual TENS programmes
  • Special massage programmes for swelling reduction with 10 massage programmes
  • Detailed usage memory – sufficient for a 30-day exercise programme with 3 uses per day
  • £70.00 With Free Delivery

3. Body Clock Stimplus Pro Electro-Acupuncture Machine


The Body Clock Stimplus Pro applies the same principle as acupuncture, without needles!

It detects acupoints, and then stimulates away the pain, at the touch of a button. It boasts intensity adjustment and pre-set frequencies of 5Hz, 10Hz and 20Hz.

No needles!
Fast pain relief!
Safe and Easy to Use!




  • Finds acupoints using audio AND visual detection
  • LED Display
  • 12 Intensity levels indicated by 6 LED lights
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Value for money
  • CE Certified
  • £229.20
  • Includes Acupuncture Charts to show you where the points are!

I appreciate that the acupuncture device is not for everyone, and it is quite expensive! However, HealthCare4All will only sell the best products which are Safe and made to the highest quality. I have had a quite a few requests over the past year for acupuncture-at-home devices but refused to stock cheaply made products. I only recently found ‘Body Clock Stimplus Pro’ and they have been flying out! So if you do want one be quick!

Also, take a look at our website for a full selection of other quality tens machines @ HealthCare4All