‘SUPER LICE’, It’s Time To Meet Your Nemesis ‘The LiceTec V Comb’ From HealthCare4All!!

 If you know anyone suffering from Lice, Super Lice or Nits this post is for them!

#HealthCare4All are always searching the globe for the BEST products that are not going to break the bank! We have found an amazing gadget that will rid your children of LICE AND NITS and we have been ITCHING to tell you about it! Its called the LiceTec V Comb. #HealthCare4All are also the UK Distributors!

Why is it so amazing?

Unlike most products on the market today, the LiceTec Comb removes both Lice AND Nits. It is completely safe & extremely easy to use. It works by vacuum, so there is no risk of an electrical current to the user or the patient.

You can actually see the lice and nits getting sucked into the illuminated filter so you KNOW that you have caught them! This eliminates the guesswork you have from other products. It even works on Lice that are resistant to chemicals which is becoming a worldwide problem called SUPER LICE!

It can be used as many times as necessary which a major reason we love it so much. The alternative is using lotions that cost £10- £15 and can only be used once! The LiceTec V comb is only £36.95 from HealthCare4All!

What we also love about the LiceTec V-comb is that after it has sucked the lice and nits into the filter, you simply put the cap on and throw the filter away and you KNOW they have been safely disposed of!

As it is a registered medical device, it is marked with CE & FDA approved to give you peace of mind that you have a quality product!

We like to test our internationally sourced products and one thing that we suggest is that Technique on how to use the Comb is important. So please take a look at the instruction videos below.


If you want to read more about Super Lice,  there has been so much in the press recently. I have listed a few of them below FYI





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What is the Best Pulse Oximeter?

reliable Oxygen readings with the Heal Force Prince from Healthcare4all
What is the Best Pulse Oximeter?

If you or your child suffer from asthma, you will know how important it is to take reliable and accurate oxygen level readings.

This week i want to introduce you to the Heal Force Prince 100I Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. One of the reasons we love it so much is that it will give you peace of mind without the need to visit your doctor.

We know there are cheaper models available, however for us, the most important thing to note when searching for Oximeters is Accuracy and Reliability! This is why if someone asks me at my pharmacy or at HealthCare4All for my opinion, these are the BEST finger pulse oximeter to buy.


What are Pulse Oximeters?

 Pulse oximeters help you monitor the amount of oxygen carried  around your body. Its completely painless and all you have to do is attach it to a fingertip for a few moments to get a reading.

An oxygen level of greater than 95% is generally considered to be a normal oxygen level and a level of 92% or less suggests low blood oxygen.

what is the best Pulse Oximeter
Heal Force 100i pulse oximeter from HealthCare4All

In addition to oxygen level it also tells you your pulse rate. For adults a normal pulse rate is 60-80 beats per minute, however your heart rate would be expected to increase with exercise and and oxygen saturation may slightly decrease (it should still remain at 90% or greater though).

I wanted to find one that is easy to use at home for at-home patient monitoring. For people with COPD, pulse oximetry is useful as a tool for patients to use at home to assist with their management under physician guidance. Monitoring your oxygen saturation level will help you to adjust your oxygen flow at home, during exercise, and during social activities. It can also assist your doctor in deciding if your COPD is getting worse.

For People with COPD, asthma and other lung diseases who want to be active, the quality of the oximeter they use is important. Accurate readings are very important – particularly when patients are active and their oxygen level may be dropping to provide accurate readings especially when you are active.


There are 2 Pulse oximeters I recommend. The first one is Heal Force Prince 100F High-Resolution Handheld Pulse Oximeter.  This is an amazing Pulse Oximeter but is on the pricey side at £189.00 (inc VAT), however if you want accuracy and dependability this is the one i would recommend.

The Prince 100F handheld pulse oximeter is a portable device for monitoring SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength. It is robust, fast and reliable, so the device is suitable for use both at home and in a hospital environment.

The best Pulse Oximeter
The Heal Force 100f Pulse Oximeter from HealthCare4All

It is an upgraded model of the 100E, the main differences being as follows:
High-resolution LCD dot-matrix display – for graphical display of results
New version featuring COLOUR display
Plethysmogram display of SpO2
70 hours of data storage
Perfusion Index (PI) display


  • Handheld size with detachable probes
  • Supplied with 1 x adult probe but we also have infant and paediatric probes in stock
  • High resolution COLOUR LCD display enables display of plethysmogram and measured data
  • Switchable backlight on display
  • Accurate measurement of SpO2 and Pulse rate with anti-motion technology
  • Perfusion Index (PI) display
  • Real time pulse bar display
  • Beep alarm for abnormal readings with adjustable limits (can be configured by user)
  • Also has a Visual alarm
  • 70 hours data storage and review
  • Date and time function
  • Mute function – suitable for use during sleep apnoea measurement
  • Automatic power-off after finger out
  • Optional PC data management software for data transmission and analysis (software/cable available as an accessory)
  • Operates on 3 x AA battery (supplied) with power management and battery indicator
  • Can also be used with NiMh rechargeable batteries (optional)
  • CE marked
  • Includes metal stand with rubber feet to hold unit while in use
  • Calibrated in factory – no need to recalibrate during its life cycle


Why we love the Heal Force Prince

The reason we love the Heal force prince is because not only does it work straight out of the box, it can be used for both adults and children! There are cheaper models on the market, however, with Oximeters it is imperative the readings are accurate otherwise the product is pointless.  The Heal Force Princes readings are Very accurate and reliable and will give you peace of mind!

In order to use it for children or infants you simply attach a probe and then it will work for all ages! Allow me to introduce you to the Heal Force Prince 100I Fingertip Pulse Oximeter + Probe Port. Its very similar to the 100f however is £119.99 (inc VAT), so thats £70 CHEAPER and a fantastic bit of kit. what is the best Pulse Oximeter

It comes with preset alarm limits (these cannot be adjusted by user), and also When the external paediatric or infant sensors are connected, the finger clip sensor will be deactivated and the alarm limits change automatically! Please see below for the limits*

HealthCare4All are not the only ones that love it. Its fans include GP Surgeries and health clinics too as its so versitile, and its readings are accurate and reliable. All you need to do to use it is put your finger in it! It automatically switches on.

Our verified customer reviews have been amazing, here are just a couple of examples…


  • The Heal Force Prince 100I Fingertip Pulse Oximeter + Probe Port is in a class of its own. I was initially taken aback by the above average cost of this device. I have used several other much cheaper brands over the last several years with mostly disappointing results (inconsistent results, early breakdowns etc.). However having used this device most days for a few months I can testify to its reliability, excellent build quality and consistently accurate results. On every occasion it has held up..


  • Excellent product, we bought this to monitor our two year olds oxygen levels as he suffers with asthma and we were having to continually rush him to the doctors to be checked. At first we tried a cheaper monitor which was not accurate and hard to obtain a reading. We ordered this one and it has given an accurate reading every time (without either of the children’s probes being needed). Well worth the money. Would highly recommend. Fantastic product which will give us peace of mind.




To sum up…

  • The Prince 100I fingertip pulse oximeter is suitable for adult use using the integrated finger clip probe and infant or paediatric use via a wired probe (3 versions: infant bandage-style probes, paediatric clip sensors, and paediatric fingerstall probes available as optional accessories from stock).
  • The 100I oximeter is suitable for use in the home, medical institutions and care homes.
  • Its is ridiculously easy to use due to the lack of operational buttons.
  • Simply insert your finger into the oximeter and the unit powers on, takes a reading and then turns off 8 seconds after the finger is removed.
  • It is Light, small in size and easy to carry in a pouch and lanyard hanging cord which is included.
  • It has a Bright colour OLED screen which is very easy to see.
  • Automatic sensing finger tilt adjusts display direction
  • Audible and visible alarm function
  • It has an Automatic power on/off function – so no buttons to operate. Simply insert finger and unit turns on within 2 seconds
  • Power turns off if there is no signal for longer than 8 seconds
  • Operates on 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Connection port for paediatric probe sensors or infant bandage style sensor (optional accessory)
  • CE marked


*Preset alarm limits

SpO2 Lower limit – 90%
Pulse alarm: Higher limit – 120bm
Pulse alarm: Lower limit – 50bpm

N.B. When the external paediatric or infant sensors are connected, the finger clip sensor will be deactivated and the alarm limits change automatically
SpO2 Lower limit – 95%
Pulse alarm: Higher limit – 160bpm
Pulse alarm: Lower limit – 60bpm


Remember, If you have any Questions regarding The Prince 100I fingertip pulse Oximeter or the Heal Force Prince 100F High-Resolution Handheld Pulse Oximeter.Please message us on Facebook 


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Advice on nebulisers: What are they used for?

A nebuliser is a medical device that transforms medication from liquid to a mist so it can be inhaled into the lungs more easily. Being inhaled through a mouthpiece, the dissolved drugs are able to reach affected areas directly and quickly. Nebuliser machines are an effective way of delivering certain types of medication to infants and children suffering from asthma, or anybody else who finds it difficult to use an inhaler.

As Web MD informs using nebulisers to deliver certain medication is often referred to as “breathing treatment.” Nebuliser machines are available in both table top models, typically designed for home use, and portable versions. Whilst table top models have to be plugged into the electricity mains, portable nebulisers machines are usually smaller and are run on batteries.

What are nebulisers used for?

Nebulisers are used for the treatment, both domiciliary and emergency, of many respiratory conditions.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

People who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis are one of the primary users of nebuliser machines. Those with CF often rely on saline nebulisers, as the machine can allow the patient to inhale saline solutions more easily. The saline helps to thin mucus, preventing bacteria to grow in a warm environment. This helps antibiotics be delivered more effectively

Chronic Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

As the BBC informs, nebuliser machines are also used by patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a type of obstructive lung condition, which is characterised by an individual having poor air flow in the long term.


Emphysema affects millions of people around the world. Smoking is one of the leading causes of this lung condition. A nebuliser machines is often used to give emphysema patients medication through steam formation to help them cope with the disease and feel better. As My Emphysema Symptoms writes, nebuliser machines can be a faster and less time-consuming way for emphysema patients to get treated without having any side effects.


If an asthma patient has used a nebuliser during a hospital visit, they may be recommended one at home, if their GP or consultant believes they may benefit from one. These machines can be an effective way to provide respiratory assistance to people who find it difficult to use an inhaler, such as young children.

There are many different types of nebulisers to buy. Healthcare4all has a range of nebuliser machines available to buy, including asthma nebulisers, emphysema nebulisers, turboneb nebulisers, allergy nebulisers, COPD nebulisers, portable nebulisers, world traveller nebulisers, microair nebulisers, microneb nebulisers, amongst others.

Beurer IH50 Portable Ultrasonic Battery/Main Nebuliser

The Beurer IH50 Portable Ultrasonic Battery/Main Nebuliser is an ultrasonic portable nebuliser that is designed for the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract. It is used to treat colds, asthma, and respiratory diseases such as COPD and emphysema. With a vibrating membrane nebulisation, the Beurer IH50 Portable Ultrasonic Battery/Main Nebuliser provides fast and effective inhalation.

On Healthcare4all this ultrasonic portable nebuliser costs £109.99, including VAT.

Clement Clarke AirMed 1000 Mains Nebuliser

The Clement Clarke AirMed 1000 Mains Nebuliser is on the cheaper end of the nebuliser market. With a powerful compact compressor, this compact and lightweight machine, treats asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases effectively. The Clement Clarke AirMed 1000 Mains Nebuliser features a starter pack and is available for immediate use. This nebuliser machine costs £47.99, including VAT, from Healthcare4all.


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The Best Self Massage Products of 2015 from Medisana

After a long, hard day at work or an intense session in the gym there is no better way to unwind and relax than by having a full body massage. Of course it’s safe to assume that not many people can afford to have their own personal masseuse hanging around on demand! That’s were self-massage devices come in.

The Health Benefits of Massage

The health benefits of massage have long been known in the East and are gradually making their way into the mainstream Western consciousness.

Busting stress has a whole range of benefits in and of itself. After all high levels of stress have been linked to a number of health destroying and even fatal conditions, such as strokes, heart attacks and depression/anxiety.

Massage brings a number of health benefits, including repairing damaged muscles, preventing muscular injury to begin with, increasing blood flow to the brain and other organs, and even help patients recover from illnesses.

The Best Self-Massage Devices

There are a number of different self-massage devices you can choose from depending on both your budget and what suits your individual preferences. Some of the best products on the market are:

  1. The Medisana ITM Mega Infrared Percussion Massager: This handy device delivers a relaxing tap massage which stimulates the circulation and soothes deep-lying muscle tissue. It allows you to control the intensity of the massage and has an optional “heat” feature. With an extra-long cord and a three-year warranty, this is a quality massager you can enjoy at home.
  2. The Medisana MCA 88931 Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover with Heat: Turn a regular chair into a tranquilising treat. This delightful chair cover delivers a shiatsu massage for the back and neck. Adjustable to your own height, operated by remote control, with a heat and red light option and three different intensity settings, this is a great massage product on the market.  You can also have a total back massage or select from upper or lower back options.
  3. The Medisana MPF Shiatsu Massage Cushion 88960: An easy to use massage cushion which can deliver a relaxing massage to any part of your back or neck, just strap this to your chair, sit back and relax. With an additional heat and red light option, cordless operating panel and with four rotating massage heads, this effective massage cushion will help you relax and unwind after a busy day. 

Select any one of these fantastic self-massage options and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so sooner. Enjoy all the benefits of massage at home, in the car or even at the office, after all you deserve it!

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The Top Electric Toothbrushes of 2013 – Philips’ DiamondClean

As one of the world’s leading makers of electric toothbrushes, Philips’ DiamondClean rechargeable electric toothbrush comes with all the functional upsides highlighted in products of its class.

Developed with a dual-charging system, here’s a quick look at the DiamondClean by Philips, which essentially explains why it is one of the year’s best electric toothbrush options out and about.

The Philips DiamondClean rechargeable electric toothbrush

Far from being your average electric toothbrush, the DiamondClean by Philips boasts an impressive plaque removal rate that is 7 times better than manual brushing.

Also twice as effective in whitening teeth, the DiamondClean rechargeable electric toothbrush can easily do away with the toughest of tooth stains, ranging from those caused by tea or coffee drinking, making it the perfect electric toothbrush of choice for heavy coffee or tea drinkers.

Designed with a dual charging system, users can easily charge the DiamondClean electric toothbrush using its bundled glass or using its conveniently designed travel case/charger. The travel case/charger can be fitted to work with USB port power sources or outlets, increasing its functional travel and charge benefits.

As a device, the DiamondClean electric toothbrush is designed with a built-in 2 minute timer, and is also designed with a 30 second interval timer that allows its users to know when they have completed the cleaning of certain quadrants in their mouth.

In terms of cleaning action, the DiamondClean electric toothbrush has a Sensitive mode that works for those who want to keep their teeth clean without being too abrasive in the overall cleaning process.

Compact in its design and boasting a 31,000 brush strokes per minute rate, the electric toothbrush also highlights five brushing modes, each developed to suit with the cleaning needs and particulars of its users – a functional feature that isn’t often met in other electric toothbrushes made by other brands.

Developed for users and not built around features alone, the DiamondClean rechargeable electric toothbrush comes with an impressive battery-charge lifespan, with could run for three weeks on a single charge.

As a premium rated electric toothbrush made by Philips, the DiamondClean rechargeable electric toothbrush bears all the convenience highlights of electric toothbrushes, with a slim form factor that doesn’t belay its practical and effective gum and teeth cleaning capacities and capabilities.

As one of the year’s top rated electric toothbrush choices, the DiamondClean by Philips easily stands out simply by being what it is.

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