What is the best Home Blood Pressure Machine? #HealthCare4All

What is the best Home Blood Pressure Machine? #HealthCare4All
What is the best Home Blood Pressure Machine? #HealthCare4All

This Week I want to talk to you about Home Blood Pressure Machines. Which is the best one? When do I take my blood pressure, and how often?

Home blood pressure machines are an effective way for us to learn more about our blood pressure and keep a close eye on what’s an extremely important element of our health. Put simply, the higher your blood pressure is, the higher the risk is of developing health problems in the future.

Home blood pressure monitoring can give you a more accurate reading of your blood pressure, as the NHS informs in its blood pressure guide:

“Portable machines that measure your blood pressure at home or on the move can be a useful way of getting a more convenient and accurate reading.”

“This is because some people become anxious in medical clinics, which can cause the blood pressure to rise. This is a condition called ‘white coat hypertension.”

Portable blood pressure monitors are long established as being a convenient and effective way to monitor our blood pressure, but is there an optimum time of the day to use them?

Whilst there is no right or wrong time to take your blood pressure, there are a few factors you should consider in order to make the most out of your home blood pressure machine.

Avoid taking your blood pressure immediately after waking up

The Mayo Clinic advises to avoid measuring blood pressure immediately after you have woken up. This is due to the fact our blood pressure is typically at its lowest on waking and therefore will not provide a truly accurate reading.

The May Clinic also advices to avoid taking any medication before using the device. If you do exercise when you wake up, use the monitoring machine before you do any exercise for a more accurate reading.

Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol before using the machine

Drinking tea, coffee and alcohol for at least half an hour before using the blood pressure monitor may result in you having a higher reading. It is therefore advised to refrain from drinking these substances prior to using the device.

A full bladder can also affect your blood pressure, so always go to the toilet before you check your blood pressure.

Measure your blood pressure at different times of the day

You might be tempted to take your blood pressure reading at the same time each day. However, measuring at different times will give you a more accurate assessment of your blood pressure overall. Taking the reading at different times will factor in different elements that can affect our blood pressure, such as hormone changes, stress and activity level.

Ormon M6 Comfort IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

One of my favourite blood pressure machines is the Omron M6. If you are on the lookout for a quality blood pressure monitor for home blood pressure checks, the Ormon M6 Comfort IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is a quality device, designed to give accurate assessments of blood pressure.

The machine connects to Bi-Link, so an internet connection is required, where users have free access to Health Management. The Ormon M6 Comfort IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has advanced averaging, irregular heartbeat detection, a morning hypertension tracker, as well as an easy blood pressure colour indicator.

You can buy the Ormon M6 Comfort IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor from Healthcare4all here for only  £69.98.

Another blood pressure machine that is new in this month is the A&D Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor UA-611. This is a super bit of kit and only £19.96 at HealthCare4All. It has ‘One button control’ – with latest 3rd generation fully automatic measurement technology. Clinically validated to the world recognised European Hypertension Society (ESH) 2010 protocol. 30 reading memory function with an Average reading function.
Irregular Heart Beat Indicator (IHB) which can be useful in the detection of atrial fibrillation. It also has a  World Health Organisation (WHO) blood pressure classification indicator – for easy and clear understanding of BP reading.

There are many blood pressure machines available, these are two of my favourites. Or to view all the blood pressure monitors we have available visit out blood pressure page.

What is Diabetes and what treatments are available?

What is Diabetes and what treatments are available?
What is Diabetes and what treatments are available?

I get a lot of people asking me at #HealthCare4All and my pharmacy about diabetes, so i thought I would write this weeks blog explaining what diabetes is and what treatments are available.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from diabetes. This is a chronic illness where the sugar level of a person is too high that it starts affecting their body’s normal processes.

Causes and Risk factors

Diabetes develops when the body has a resistance to insulin, or doesn’t produce enough of it. This hormone produced in our bodies controls the blood sugar level. Although we need sugar, or glucose, in our bodies to serve as fuel and energy, too much of it will cause problems with our digestive and excretory system.

People who have a family history of diabetes are at high risk of developing it. Being overweight, stressed, not having a balanced diet and being less physically active are also risk factors.


There are two types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes: Occurs when the body is not producing any insulin or is only producing very little of it. In this case, the body has actually destroyed its own insulin producing cells found inside the pancreas. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune illness.

Type 2 diabetes: Happens when the body’s cells are no longer responding properly to insulin. A big percentage of Type 2 diabetes patients develop the illness because of being unfit and overweight. This form of diabetes develops later in life, but there are cases where patients develop the disease as early as their 20s.

Through diabetic testing, doctors can diagnose this illness during its early stages. This makes it easier for patients to learn about diabetes monitoring and the ways to keep their blood sugar stable. There are many diabetes products available in the market, ranging from special diabetic meals to diabetic foot care.

At HealthCare4All we have a whole range of products including the Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose Diabetes Monitoring System Kit £34.99, which makes blood glucose monitoring easier & more convenient, and allows you to test without inserting or disposing of strips.

0 Strip Free tests on a continuous tape – no single strips to handle or dispose of
6 lancets in a drum – no single lancets to see or touch
Easy lancing with 1-Click action to prime and release
Just 4 simple steps to perform a test
2000 test memory plus 7, 14, 30 and 90 day averages
PC ready reports via a USB cable (not supplied)
No clinical waste
Designed for people with diabetes using insulin
Measures in mmol/L

For more products take a look at HealthCare4All.co.uk

At the end of the day however, prevention is still key when it comes to diabetes. Knowing the risk factors should help people become aware if they can develop diabetes later in life. Having a healthy lifestyle, keeping active and staying away from too much stress helps steer clear of developing diabetes.



HealthCare4All recommends the BEST portable nebuliser

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This week I want to talk to you about Nebulisers. What they are, how they are used and which one HealthCare4All recommends!

First of all, What is a Nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a medical device that transforms medication from liquid to a mist so it can be inhaled into the lungs more easily. Being inhaled through a mouthpiece, the dissolved drugs are able to reach affected areas directly and quickly. Nebuliser machines are an effective way of delivering certain types of medication to infants and children suffering from asthma, or anybody else who finds it difficult to use an inhaler.

As Web MD informs using nebulisers to deliver certain medication is often referred to as “breathing treatment.” Nebuliser machines are available in both table top models, typically designed for home use, and portable versions. Whilst table top models have to be plugged into the electricity mains, portable nebulisers machines are usually smaller and are run on batteries.

What are nebulisers used for?

Nebulisers are used for the treatment, both domiciliary and emergency, of many respiratory conditions.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

People who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis are one of the primary users of nebuliser machines. Those with CF often rely on saline nebulisers, as the machine can allow the patient to inhale saline solutions more easily. The saline helps to thin mucus, preventing bacteria to grow in a warm environment. This helps antibiotics be delivered more effectively

Chronic Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

As the BBC informs, nebuliser machines are also used by patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a type of obstructive lung condition, which is characterised by an individual having poor air flow in the long term.


Emphysema affects millions of people around the world. Smoking is one of the leading causes of this lung condition. A nebuliser machines is often used to give emphysema patients medication through steam formation to help them cope with the disease and feel better. As My Emphysema Symptoms writes, nebuliser machines can be a faster and less time-consuming way for emphysema patients to get treated without having any side effects.


If an asthma patient has used a nebuliser during a hospital visit, they may be recommended one at home, if their GP or consultant believes they may benefit from one. These machines can be an effective way to provide respiratory assistance to people who find it difficult to use an inhaler, such as young children.

There are many different types of nebulisers to buy. Healthcare4all has a range of nebuliser machines available to buy, including asthma nebulisers, emphysema nebulisers, turboneb nebulisers, allergy nebulisers, COPD nebulisers, portable nebulisers, world traveller nebulisers, microair nebulisers, microneb nebulisers, amongst others.

There is only ONE nebuliser which i normally recommend. The MicroBase Pocket AirNeb Mini Portable Nebuliser, it is £74.99 from HealthCare4All and the reviews I have been getting are outstanding!

“Very happy with the product, I use it for my one month old baby, not noisy at all which helps a lot. Very easy to clean which makes my life easier, we tried the omron but it was difficult to use with baby as it had to be plugged in. Strongly recommend”

“I must admit I was a little bit unsure when I ordered it but I’m over the moon with every thing this little machine
Does its far better than the larger machine I use at home its small compact so easy to use and clean the bonus of it all it’s easy to carry as it’s not much bigger than your hand it comes with its own carry case which keeps every thing together a lady could put it in a hand bag its that small I would recommend this nebuliser to any one without any worry”

“Value for money I’m over the moon with it it’s small and light but as good it not better than the big machine I would have no problem recommending it to any one it easy to load easy to use and so easy to clean comes in a tidy well made zip up bag”

“Excellent service and a great value for money product. Silent, compact, and for the size very effective. Don’t leave home without one ! What a great item. Does exactly what it says on the tin ! Used it on the day of arrival it was so quiet I wasn’t sure it was working !”


the best portable nebuliser from healthcare4all
MicroBase Pocket AirNeb Mini Portable Nebuliser from HealthCare4All

Tiny travel nebuliser – less than 3 inches tall
Closed top medication chamber – add medication and it won’t leak out (unlike most other models)
Low power consumption (<1.5W)
Virtually-silent operation – ideal for night-time, or when you want to be discrete
Operates on 2 x AA batteries
Very economical replacement accessories (over 50% less than brand leader)
All accessories in stock for immediate despatch
No filters required
Average battery life: 4 days based on 20 minutes per day of usage
Can be used from integral mouthpiece or supplied mask
Can even nebulise high-viscosity solutions – nebulisation will be reduced
Simple to use – one button operation
Nebulises to the last drop, and minimises medication wastage
Lastest mesh technology – using Excimer laser technology, the traditional problems associated with meshes such as clogging, breakage, corrosion and high power consumption no longer exist




HealthCare4All recommends which is the BEST ECG home monitor to buy?

HealthCare4All recommends which is the BEST ECG home monitor to buy?
HealthCare4All recommends which is the BEST ECG home monitor to buy?

This Week I want to introduce you to an amazing world beating ECG Monitor from HealthCare4All that we highly recommend. We also supply to Harley Street cardiologists and overseas clinics who also love it.

Why we love the Heal Force Prince 180d Handheld ECG Monitor

The Best ECG machine from HealthCare4All

There are many Home monitors that allow you to record when you have symptoms, however, the Heal force is a world beater! We think its far better than the market leader Omron HCG801 as it includes software that allows not just the standard single-channel which others do, but also 3-channel ECG traces. HealthCare4All sell both monitors but recommend the Heal Force 180d, and its £130 cheaper! 

Its not just HealthCare4All that love it as its supplied to Harley Street cardiologists and overseas clinics who also love it.

Cardiac events often occur at irregular times, and it’s common for them to occur when you are not at the hospital or doctor’s. Even if you have a machine on loan for 24 hours, we often hear customers telling us that their condition didn’t occur until they handed the device back!

The Heal Force ECG 180D enables you to capture information and supply it to your doctor or cardiologist.

You Can also add optional limb clamp electrodes which makes it really easy to use without adhesive electrodes – these are used to get the fuller trace with the 3-lead setting.

It is Not a replacement for hospital 12-lead ECGs but it is a fantastic ECG Monitor for home.

It is a revolutionary handheld ECG monitor which offers real continuous monitoring for the first time, and with a 1- or 3-channel option. The first in its class to offer these options, and the PC software is included free of charge too.

It’s portable, and very easy to operate with various included options to allow for easy instant measurement day or night or continuous recording with all the required equipment supplied in one kit with a full colour OLED display.

The Heal Force Prince has Advanced measuring technologies which provide steady and accurate ECG waveforms Anaylsis and reporting of 19 suggested results

It includes PC data management software for data transmission and analysis

7 hours continuous monitoring with 3-channel; 16 hours continuous monitoring with mono-channel

Chest lead & limb lead measuring using supplied leads & electrodes


An ECG records the electrical activity of the heart. The heart produces tiny electrical impulses which spread through the heart muscle to make the heart contract. These impulses can be detected by the ECG machine. You may have an ECG to help find the cause of symptoms such as the feeling of a ‘thumping heart’ (palpitations) or chest pain. Sometimes it is done as part of routine tests – for example, before you have an operation.

The ECG test is painless and harmless. (The ECG machine records electrical impulses coming from your body – it does not put any electricity into your body.)


Do I need an ECG Monitor?

ECG monitors are really useful for patients with undiagnosed heart conditions (or diagnosed conditions where patients wish to monitor) such as AF = atrial fibrillation. AF is a very common problem but hard to prove as often asymptomatic when tested at hospital or GP.

  • The Heal Force Prince ECG Monitor will also detect if you have an abnormal heart rhythm, such as too fast, slow or irregular.
  • The Heal Force Prince ECG Monitor will also be able to detect if there is any damage to the Heart muscle after an Attack (myocardial infarction) as it heals with scar tissue.
  • It will also be able to detect an enlarged heart as this causes bigger impulses than normal.

The reviews for the Heal Force 180D ECG Monitor are fantastic, here is just one example..

I have used this to monitor my heart rhythm during sleep, I have had missing or skipping beats for about two years. My doctor says it’s nothing to worry about. But he’s not the one to have to put up with them. I was starting to think that the more I thought about my heart rate during the day the worse they got. So I wanted to see if I was having them whilst I was a sleep, when I’m not thinking about it. And I was, on the worst night I was having 100 irregular beats a night. I have used this ECG monitor to eventually bring it down 10 to zero on most nights. I can’t tell you how useful this monitor has been. It’s possible to print off the results to take to your doctor if you need to using a PC. You can’t monitor your heart whilst moving with the electrodes attached because they pick up any kind of movement. The way have reduced my irregular beat is a long story and one I thought I would never achieve and I’m still working on it.


Its Available at HealthCare4All with free delivery

Invaluable advice from HealthCare4All for Asthma treatment

Invaluable advice from HealthCare4All for Asthma treatment
Invaluable advice from HealthCare4All for Asthma treatment

Getting diagnosed with asthma can be daunting. Though with the right medication and care, asthma patients can stay fit, healthy and lead a normal life. As well as taking your regular asthma medication, there are certain lifestyle habits you can adopt and things to avoid that can help reduce asthma symptoms and the chances of an attack occurring.

1. Don’t smoke

As Asthma.org warns, smoking and breathing in other people’s smoke aggravates asthma and makes it worse in the long-term as it causes damage to the lungs that is permanent. In fact such is the negative impact smoking has on asthma sufferers that 82 percent of people with the respiratory condition inform Asthma.org that tobacco smoke affects their asthma.

Breathing in smoke, either first or second-hand, can also trigger an asthma attack. As Dr Mike Thomas from Asthma UK told NHS.uk:

“Smoke acts as an irritant and can trigger asthma attacks. It makes inhaled medicine less effective. As a result, you’re likely to need to take bigger doses of inhaled steroid medication.”

2. Avoid being exposed to asthma triggers

Numerous things can trigger asthma and one person’s triggers might be considerably different to another’s. Some of the most common asthma triggers include animal hair, pollen, airborne irritants, such as cigarette smoke, dust mites, pollution in the atmosphere and chemical fumes.

An asthma sufferer usually knows what environments can trigger their asthma and can therefore do their best to avoid being exposed to such “asthma triggers.”

HealthCare4All have a whole range of products to aid allergy issues such as Humidifiers,  Qu-Chi Acupressure Bands, or Bionette Electronic Allergy Hayfever Relief Device.

Take a look at Healthcare4All.co.uk for many more options!

3. Wrap up in cold weather

Cold weather can have a serious impact on asthma, so much so that according to Asthma UK, three quarters of people who have the condition say that cold air can trigger their symptoms. Cher Piddock, an Asthma UK nurse, warns of the dangers cold weather can have on people with asthma:

“Hospital admissions for asthma traditionally peak during periods of particularly cold weather. This can be due to breathing cold air into the lungs, which can in turn trigger asthma, as well as picking up colds and flu.”

It is therefore important that if you do have to go out in very cold weather, to wrap up warm and cover up your nose and mouth with a scarf. You should also have an asthma inhaler close by.

4. Keep pets out of bedrooms

As animal fur is a key asthma trigger it is wise to keep pets out of bedrooms. As well as keeping pets out of bedrooms, try and keep them off the furniture so if you are prone to asthma attacks you are not in direct contact with the pet hair.

5. Reduce stress

As Health Communities inform, worry and intense emotions can intensify asthma symptoms. Consequently it is important for people with asthma to try and relieve feelings of stress and worry and make time for doing things that they enjoy and helps them relax.

6. Use precautionary respiratory aids

Respiratory aids can be an effective way to help asthma sufferers breathe more easily. For example, the Salitair Inhaler Therapy Asthma and Allergy, a clinically tested pipe that is filled with salt crystals that provide a salty microclimate, can effectively calm and cleanse the cells of the respiratory system to aid easier breathing.

If you do suffer from this condition in which 5.4 million people in Britain alone are currently receiving treatment for, it is important that you keep asthma inhalers and other medication for the respiratory condition close by.

To find out more about treating asthma visit the NHS.uk Asthma treatment page.

For more advice and tips about different aspects of our health and wellbeing, keep returning to Healthcare4all.co.uk’s regularly updated blog.

What is the Best Pulse Oximeter?

reliable Oxygen readings with the Heal Force Prince from Healthcare4all
What is the Best Pulse Oximeter?

If you or your child suffer from asthma, you will know how important it is to take reliable and accurate oxygen level readings.

This week i want to introduce you to the Heal Force Prince 100I Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. One of the reasons we love it so much is that it will give you peace of mind without the need to visit your doctor.

We know there are cheaper models available, however for us, the most important thing to note when searching for Oximeters is Accuracy and Reliability! This is why if someone asks me at my pharmacy or at HealthCare4All for my opinion, these are the BEST finger pulse oximeter to buy.


What are Pulse Oximeters?

 Pulse oximeters help you monitor the amount of oxygen carried  around your body. Its completely painless and all you have to do is attach it to a fingertip for a few moments to get a reading.

An oxygen level of greater than 95% is generally considered to be a normal oxygen level and a level of 92% or less suggests low blood oxygen.

what is the best Pulse Oximeter
Heal Force 100i pulse oximeter from HealthCare4All

In addition to oxygen level it also tells you your pulse rate. For adults a normal pulse rate is 60-80 beats per minute, however your heart rate would be expected to increase with exercise and and oxygen saturation may slightly decrease (it should still remain at 90% or greater though).

I wanted to find one that is easy to use at home for at-home patient monitoring. For people with COPD, pulse oximetry is useful as a tool for patients to use at home to assist with their management under physician guidance. Monitoring your oxygen saturation level will help you to adjust your oxygen flow at home, during exercise, and during social activities. It can also assist your doctor in deciding if your COPD is getting worse.

For People with COPD, asthma and other lung diseases who want to be active, the quality of the oximeter they use is important. Accurate readings are very important – particularly when patients are active and their oxygen level may be dropping to provide accurate readings especially when you are active.


There are 2 Pulse oximeters I recommend. The first one is Heal Force Prince 100F High-Resolution Handheld Pulse Oximeter.  This is an amazing Pulse Oximeter but is on the pricey side at £189.00 (inc VAT), however if you want accuracy and dependability this is the one i would recommend.

The Prince 100F handheld pulse oximeter is a portable device for monitoring SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength. It is robust, fast and reliable, so the device is suitable for use both at home and in a hospital environment.

The best Pulse Oximeter
The Heal Force 100f Pulse Oximeter from HealthCare4All

It is an upgraded model of the 100E, the main differences being as follows:
High-resolution LCD dot-matrix display – for graphical display of results
New version featuring COLOUR display
Plethysmogram display of SpO2
70 hours of data storage
Perfusion Index (PI) display


  • Handheld size with detachable probes
  • Supplied with 1 x adult probe but we also have infant and paediatric probes in stock
  • High resolution COLOUR LCD display enables display of plethysmogram and measured data
  • Switchable backlight on display
  • Accurate measurement of SpO2 and Pulse rate with anti-motion technology
  • Perfusion Index (PI) display
  • Real time pulse bar display
  • Beep alarm for abnormal readings with adjustable limits (can be configured by user)
  • Also has a Visual alarm
  • 70 hours data storage and review
  • Date and time function
  • Mute function – suitable for use during sleep apnoea measurement
  • Automatic power-off after finger out
  • Optional PC data management software for data transmission and analysis (software/cable available as an accessory)
  • Operates on 3 x AA battery (supplied) with power management and battery indicator
  • Can also be used with NiMh rechargeable batteries (optional)
  • CE marked
  • Includes metal stand with rubber feet to hold unit while in use
  • Calibrated in factory – no need to recalibrate during its life cycle


Why we love the Heal Force Prince

The reason we love the Heal force prince is because not only does it work straight out of the box, it can be used for both adults and children! There are cheaper models on the market, however, with Oximeters it is imperative the readings are accurate otherwise the product is pointless.  The Heal Force Princes readings are Very accurate and reliable and will give you peace of mind!

In order to use it for children or infants you simply attach a probe and then it will work for all ages! Allow me to introduce you to the Heal Force Prince 100I Fingertip Pulse Oximeter + Probe Port. Its very similar to the 100f however is £119.99 (inc VAT), so thats £70 CHEAPER and a fantastic bit of kit. what is the best Pulse Oximeter

It comes with preset alarm limits (these cannot be adjusted by user), and also When the external paediatric or infant sensors are connected, the finger clip sensor will be deactivated and the alarm limits change automatically! Please see below for the limits*

HealthCare4All are not the only ones that love it. Its fans include GP Surgeries and health clinics too as its so versitile, and its readings are accurate and reliable. All you need to do to use it is put your finger in it! It automatically switches on.

Our verified customer reviews have been amazing, here are just a couple of examples…


  • The Heal Force Prince 100I Fingertip Pulse Oximeter + Probe Port is in a class of its own. I was initially taken aback by the above average cost of this device. I have used several other much cheaper brands over the last several years with mostly disappointing results (inconsistent results, early breakdowns etc.). However having used this device most days for a few months I can testify to its reliability, excellent build quality and consistently accurate results. On every occasion it has held up..


  • Excellent product, we bought this to monitor our two year olds oxygen levels as he suffers with asthma and we were having to continually rush him to the doctors to be checked. At first we tried a cheaper monitor which was not accurate and hard to obtain a reading. We ordered this one and it has given an accurate reading every time (without either of the children’s probes being needed). Well worth the money. Would highly recommend. Fantastic product which will give us peace of mind.




To sum up…

  • The Prince 100I fingertip pulse oximeter is suitable for adult use using the integrated finger clip probe and infant or paediatric use via a wired probe (3 versions: infant bandage-style probes, paediatric clip sensors, and paediatric fingerstall probes available as optional accessories from stock).
  • The 100I oximeter is suitable for use in the home, medical institutions and care homes.
  • Its is ridiculously easy to use due to the lack of operational buttons.
  • Simply insert your finger into the oximeter and the unit powers on, takes a reading and then turns off 8 seconds after the finger is removed.
  • It is Light, small in size and easy to carry in a pouch and lanyard hanging cord which is included.
  • It has a Bright colour OLED screen which is very easy to see.
  • Automatic sensing finger tilt adjusts display direction
  • Audible and visible alarm function
  • It has an Automatic power on/off function – so no buttons to operate. Simply insert finger and unit turns on within 2 seconds
  • Power turns off if there is no signal for longer than 8 seconds
  • Operates on 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Connection port for paediatric probe sensors or infant bandage style sensor (optional accessory)
  • CE marked


*Preset alarm limits

SpO2 Lower limit – 90%
Pulse alarm: Higher limit – 120bm
Pulse alarm: Lower limit – 50bpm

N.B. When the external paediatric or infant sensors are connected, the finger clip sensor will be deactivated and the alarm limits change automatically
SpO2 Lower limit – 95%
Pulse alarm: Higher limit – 160bpm
Pulse alarm: Lower limit – 60bpm


Remember, If you have any Questions regarding The Prince 100I fingertip pulse Oximeter or the Heal Force Prince 100F High-Resolution Handheld Pulse Oximeter.Please message us on Facebook 


What Is The Best Digital Thermometer From #HealthCare4All ?

what is the best digital thermometer from healthcare4all
what is the best digital thermometer?
The latest digital thermometers are easy and quick to use, non-invasive and reliable.  #HealthCare4All have done the research for you and here are my top 5!
First of all here is what you need to know know about digital thermometers?
Measuring the temperature of the body is important as a reading of higher or lower than 37 degrees Celsius, can be a signal of illness. Whilst flushed cheeks and being hot to touch gives us an indication that somebody has a temperature, we need a more accurate evaluation of the severity of the temperature. This is when thermometers prove invaluable.

It is a simple yet important preventative illness method to have a thermometer in the house. But with so many different thermometers on the market, which one do you opt for?

Digital thermometers

Digital thermometers are the cheapest and most commonly bought type of thermometer. These types of thermometers require batteries. They are available with both a rigid and a flexible tip. Rigid types can often be used rectally, as well as orally and under the armpit.

Infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers measure the amount of heat that is being released by the body. One of the advantages of using an infrared thermometer, is the digital readings are sometimes generated more quickly compared to other types of thermometers, typically between one and three seconds.

Some infrared thermometers read temperature by simply being placed close to the forehead. Some younger patients can prefer this method of temperature evaluation, compared to oral, armpit or rectal readings.

Forehead thermometers

Due to the fact that no contact needs to be made with the body, forehead thermometers are generally regarded as the most hygienic type of thermometer available, as they help prevent contamination spreading from one member of the family to the next.

HealthCare4All have done the research for you and here are my top 5!

1. Braun No Touch AND Forehead Thermometer NTF3000

The ultra-sensitive sensor and special optical system captures twice as much radiated heat compared to traditional forehead thermometers without an optical system, to ensure accuracy and more consistent readings which you get in just two seconds. The large back-lit LCD display with colour coding makes it easier to read, so interpreting temperature is easy. It helps you understand the readings and act accordingly – green (normal temperature), yellow (elevated temperature) and red (high temperature).

Touch Mode and No-Touch Mode

You can take your child’s temperature by holding the thermometer in front of your child’s forehead up to 5cm away. The thermometer doesn’t touch the forehead at all, therefore reducing stress for your child. The temperature can then be taken without any risk of waking them if they’re asleep. The no-sound mode can also be used so that your child’s temperature can be taken almost silently.

Why use the forehead to take a temperature?

Using the forehead to take a temperature is a gentler way to monitor a fever than other methods, and it’s clinically proven to be as accurate and reliable as any other. It’s also extremely hygienic, as there is no contact with the forehead which helps to stop contamination passing from one family member to another. However, if you need further reassurance when your child is awake for instance, the thermometer can be used in Touch mode and placed directly onto the forehead.

£49.99 (inc VAT)


2. A&D Infra-Red Instant Digital Ear Thermometer UT-601

  • Temperature reading within 2 seconds – ˚C or ˚F
  • Displays previous temperature reading
  • Easy to use one button operation
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Designed so there is no need for probe covers
  • Also scans surface temperatures of liquids and solids
  • Includes instructions, batteries and storage cover
  • Two year warranty
  • £24.46 (inc VAT)


3. Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer 3020 Compact

  • One second ear thermometer, suitable for use in adults, children and babies. Small diameter tip is soft and gentle.
  • Professional Accuracy – Number 1 amongst doctors and mothers
  • Clear display for easy reading
  • Temperature results can be given in C or F (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Includes 1 Duracell Alkaline battery (1.5V AAA, LR03), ready for immediate use straight out of the pack
  • Protective cap
  • Also includes 11 disposable lens filters which are readily available
  • Memory function recalls last temperature taken
  • Beep signals end of measurement
  • Auto power-off after 60 seconds so that battery power is not wasted
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Lens filter detector which ensures filter is fitted prior to use (filter is important to maintain hygiene each time thermometer is used and ensures accurate readings).
  • The Braun Thermoscan measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and the surrounding tissues
  • The ear is an excellent site to measure body temperature, since the eardrum shares blood supply with the temperature control centre in the brain
  • 2 year guarantee
  • £31.26 (inc VAT)


4. Braun Thermoscan 7 Ear Thermometer IRT6520

The new Braun ThermoScan 7 with Age Precision : new age-adjustable fever guidance technology to take the guesswork out of taking your child’s temperature

Age Precision age adjustment
Colour coded LCD to help interpret temperature
Large backlit LCD screen on the front panel – makes it possible to read the temperature easily at night
ExacTemp positioning system
Night light
Stylish new design
Separate memory button
Memory stores the last 9 temperatures
Smart silver blue design
Practical storage case
Heated tip for better accuracy
Proven to be more accurate than rectal or temple measurement

Protective case with lens filter storage
21 x Disposable lens filters
2 x AA LR6 batteries
2 year guarantee

Clinical research shows that the definition of fever changes with a child’s age. Many parents and guardians are not aware of this. What is fever in a newborn can be a normal temperature in a four year-old. So to help you interpret your child’s temperature at first sight, Braun have developed the new Braun ThermoScan 7 digital ear thermometer with unique Age Precision technology.

Choose any Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer and you’ve picked the brand that’s no.1 among doctors. Thanks to its pre-warmed tip, Braun ThermoScan thermometers are already regarded as a benchmark for accuracy, and are widely used and endorsed by doctors around Europe.
Now with new Age Precision technology they gives you even more accuracy and reassurance when it comes to interpreting your child’s temperature.

£39.95 (inc VAT)


5. Omron Gentle Temp 720 Digital 3-in-1 Forehead Thermometer

OMRON’s new contactless thermometer is a superfast, accurate infrared thermometer with specific features to keep your baby’s temperature constantly under control, with the lowest possible fuss.

Contactless measurement:
With OMRON’s expertise applied to a thermometer, the Gentle Temp 720 measures forehead body temperature with no contact in the most accurate way.

3 in 1 Temperature measurement
The Gentle Temp 720 measures forehead temperature, but can also be used to take surface temperatures, from a milk bottle or food dispenser for example, as well as giving readings for the room temperature. After all, why use three thermometers when one can do everything?
• Forehead temperature
• Surface temperature
• Room temperature

Track temperature changes over time
With a memory capable of recording up to 25 readings, it’s possible to track temperature changes over a period of time and monitor trends. Temperatures can be displayed on the large LCD display in either degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit

Backlight Function
The new Gentle Temp 720 readings can be seen clearly at nighttime, making it especially handy when measuring your baby’s temperature at night.

£45.00 (inc VAT)



Recommended Skincare from HealthCare4All

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Our skin is precious. We only have that one ultimate outfit that we will be born in and that we will die in. There are lots of conditions that can affect the appearance of our skin, such as rosacea, acne, psoriasis and common dry skin. There are a multitude of products available to help combat these skin issues, but there are also many unflattering blemishes that are left behind because of these skin issues. Many skin conditions can leave scars behind and let’s face it; scars on the face or other parts of the body can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to display. People who undergo extensive weight loss or pregnancy can find themselves bearing stretch marks.

Bio Oil – Skincare for All

When it comes to scars and other marks many people may refer to them as their ‘battle scars’ or ‘war wounds’. Sometimes remnants of illnesses such as chicken pox can leave scars on the body, which sufferers would prefer to be rid of. Out of all the products available one of the better and friendlier ones is called Bio Oil, and it has been around since 2002. Praised as being the best multi-purpose oil it is recommended by many in the dermatologist and skin care world. Created from a variety of natural ingredients it’s designed to work with any skin type or complexion. It is an over-the-counter product which makes it easily accessible. It does not require a prescription.

best skin care stretchmarks from HealthCare4all
bio oil from HealthCare4All

With an army of awards behind it Bio Oil took the world by storm as it marketed itself primarily at women who had just given birth. It recommends you use it as a preventative method as well as a cure. Being able to address the issue before it even becomes a problem is great.

Some benefits are:

  • It does not have a strong fragrance and the ingredients are gentle enough to be used every day.
  • It leaves no coloured residue behind, which many appreciate.

It makes perfect sense to be able to apply it in the morning and in the evening. You don’t need to worry about the scent affecting coworkers and loved ones. Being able to tackle your skincare issue with quality products, without attracting attention to it is often the priority.

Understanding that Bio Oil has gone through tests and trials can put the anxious mind at ease. Your face is the first thing many people see and it must allow you to create your best first impression. Bio Oil allows you to reach a position of comfort with your face and body. It can revolutionise your self image.

Since it is so cost-effective you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank on something you’ve yet to use. Instead of considering dangerous methods that are available through surgery it is highly recommended that you invest some time into this product first and then make your decisions. You might be very pleasantly surprised by the results, like many have before you.

Suffering From Winter Depression? Try an SAD lamp from #HealthCare4All

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It’s still winter and the weather here in the UK is predictably miserable, especially the past couple of weeks! Despite the nights getting slowly lighter, there’s still a way to go until the warm, sunny weather of spring. Yes, it’s hardly surprising that some of us suffer from a winter-associated condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

As the NHS informs, this “winter depression” comes and goes in a seasonal pattern, with symptoms tending to be more apparent and severe during the winter.

The symptoms associated with this seasonal disorder include a persistent low mood, being void of interest or pleasure in everyday activities, moodiness, feeling of guilt, worthlessness and despair, weight gain and craving carbohydrates, feeling reluctant to get out of bed in the morning and sleeping for longer, as well as feelings of lethargy and being tired during the day.

Whilst not fully understood, the causes of SAD are linked to a reduction in sunlight during winter, which can prevent a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus from working properly that has been linked to affecting the production of melatonin and serotonin hormones in the brain.

As the NHS advises if you are suffering from the symptoms associated with SAD you should consider seeing your GP. Your doctor will assess your mental health and ask questions related to your lifestyle, mood, sleeping patterns, eating habits, and other elements that may be affecting your mood.

The NHS lists several treatments for SAD, including making changes to lifestyle, such as exercising regularly, going for counselling, taking antidepressant medication, and light therapy.


SAD Lamps

The theory behind SAD lamps, is that the white light produced by the lamp “effectively replicates sunshine.” By replicating the sun’s rays, users of sad light therapy can find they have a positive response when using SAD light boxes.

When asked which SAD lamp I recommend I always suggest the Beurer TL30 if you are traveling or the ‘all singing and dancing’ Medisana LSC.

Lets take a closer look at both of these…

Beurer TL30 Ultra Portable Daylight SAD Sunlight Lamp £52.99 (inc VAT)


Beurer TL30 SAD Lamp from HealthCare4All
Beurer TL30 Ultra Portable Daylight SAD Sunlight Lamp from HealthCare4All

Light – well-being for body and soul
Ideal for your desk or on the way
Compact size through LED technology
For use in case of light deprivation symptoms in the winter months: e.g. low mood, lack of energy and drive
Simulation of sunlight: Intensity of light approx. 10.000 Lux (at a distance of 15 – 20 cm)
Exceptionally bright and even illumination
Illumination surface approx. 20cm x 12 cm
Flicker-free and UV-free
Light box with daylight
With adjustable stand
Horizontal or vertical orientation
Convenient one-button operation
Certified Medical product
Includes mains adaptor and practical storage bag



Medisana LSC Photo Therapy Unit SAD Light £149.99 (inc VAT)

Medisana LSC Photo Therapy Unit SAD Light
The Best SAD Lamp from HealthCare4All

The Medisana LSC Photo Therapy Unit SAD Light is a phototherapy unit with full-spectrum light. As well as having energy-saving bulbs, the Medisana LSC Photo Therapy Unit SAD Light is flicker free.


The best time to use SAD light therapy and SAD lamps like the Medisana LSC Photo Therapy Unit is between six in the morning and eight in the evening. Such units can be used for up to two hours a day. Treatment is typically most effective when the lamp is used for at least five consecutive days.

Instant Pain Relief for Cracked, Painful & Sore Nipples from HealthCare4All

treatment for sore swollen painful nipples
Rite Aid Breast Discs from HealthCare4All

One of the most common questions I get asked at my pharmacy is what product is BEST & SAFE for instant relief of pain from cracked and sore nipples whilst breastfeeding! Especially during national breastfeeding week.

I have been lucky enough to become a daddy for the THIRD time recently and my wife made it a priority that I search out the best product!

I found a product that is one of the BEST SELLING from Australia which is RECOMMENDED by maternity wards and midwives, called the RITE AID BREAST DISCS and Healthcare4all.co.uk have become the FIRST UK DISTRIBUTORS!


So, what makes them so special?

soothes sore, cracked painful nipples from healthcare4all
Rite Aid Breast Discs

Of course they are safe and extremely easy to use, however they are unlike anything else in the market. They actually promote healing from underneath the pad, they are not just an absorbent or protective pad like existing products. As soon as they are applied there is INSTANT RELIEF of pain whilst simultaneously HEALING the cracked and sore nipple!


Another massive plus point is that they come with 12 PADS whereas other products like Medela only come with 4 pads for roughly the same price!


The feedback I have received is remarkable, just take a look at some of the amazing REVIEWS of course my wife swears by them!


RITE AID BREAST DISCS can save mothers who are about to stop breastfeeding due to pain and sores and as they come in packs of 12 rather than 4 will SAVE you money!


These breast discs are amazing, and have won the GOLD AWARD in Australia Mother & Baby Magazines ‘Most popular product for mum’.


They are available at healthcare4all for only £12.98 and we offer NEXT DAY DELIVERY!