Here are HealthCare4All’s Top 4 Peak Flow Meters


what is the best peak flow meter
HealthCare4All’s Top 4 Peak Flow Meters


As I lay in bed aching from head to toe with ‘The Flu‘ a few weeks ago, I thought with so many respiratory problems around at this time of year why not tell you about my favourite Peak Flow meters. has a great selection to choose from.

So what is Peak Flow?

Very simply it is a lung function test to measure how fast you can exhale. You take a full breath in, then blow out as fast as you can into a small, hand-held plastic tube called a peak flow meter. The measurement taken is called your peak flow.

When is it used?

A GP or asthma nurse might use a peak flow test to help see how open your airways are – they often use this test when you first tell them you’re experiencing symptoms that might be asthma. Your GP or asthma nurse should do a peak flow test at every annual asthma review as part of their routine checks.

This test is also useful for monitoring your asthma using a peak flow diary alongside a symptom diary and your asthma action plan. Take a look at for some more information.

Peak flow readings will vary depending on your age, your height and whether you’re a man or a woman. This test shows how your individual lung function changes.

Although your peak flow reading may be different in the morning or at night, it’s the pattern your scores make that’s important, rather than one score on its own. Most people have a best peak flow reading so you’ll be able to see when your reading goes up and down.

Keeping track of your peak flow whilst monitoring your symptoms can help you spot when your asthma is getting worse and when you need to use your reliever inhaler (usually blue) or get medical help.

eMini-Wright Digital Peak Flow Meter USB Download Version £29.99 (inc VAT)

Peak flow monitoring is a recognised tool in asthma management. Keeping accurate manual peak flow meter records is sometimes difficult, the eMini-Wright brings peak flow monitoring up-to-date. The eMini-Wright is a small, discreet electronic peak flow meter that accurately measures and stores peak flow data. The data can be retrieved and downloaded to a PC. The eMini-Wright reports if a peak flow effort is not part of a reproducible group of readings.

Features and benefits

Highly accurate peak flow measurements; conforms to international standards
Stores 240 readings
Easy to clean by simple wiping
On-screen zoning system
On-screen reporting of poor effort and non-reproducible results
Replaceable battery (CR2032)
Display: Liquid crystal
Size: 95 x 40 x 45mm
Weight: 43gms
Measurement range: 60 to 800 L/min
Resolution: PEF 5L/min
Accuracy: ±10% or 10 L/min – whichever is the greater

Will require a USB “A” to mini “B” cable – not supplied, but readily available from electronics suppliers
The software can be downloaded free of charge from Clement Clarke and is not supplied in the package
Software is compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

eMini-Wright Digital Peak Flow Meter Standard Version £17.99 (inc VAT)


Peak flow monitoring is a recognised tool in asthma management. Keeping accurate manual peak flow meter records is sometimes difficult, the eMini-Wright brings peak flow monitoring up-to-date. The eMini-Wright is a small, discreet electronic peak flow meter that accurately measures and stores peak flow data. The eMini-Wright reports if a peak flow effort is not part of a reproducible group of readings.

Highly accurate peak flow measurements; conforms to international standards
Stores 240 readings
Easy to clean by simple wiping
On-screen zoning system
On-screen reporting of poor effort and non-reproducible results
Replaceable battery (CR2032)
Display: Liquid crystal
Size: 95 x 40 x 45mm
Weight: 43gms
Measurement range: 60 to 800 L/min
Resolution: PEF 5L/min
Accuracy: ±10% or 10 L/min – whichever is the greater

N.B. There are 2 models available – BASIC and DOWNLOADABLE. If you intend to transfer your readings to a computer you must ensure you purchase the DOWNLOADABLE version to begin with (not this item).

PikoNet Software & Cradle for Piko-1 and Piko-6 Peak Flow Meters £100.00 (inc VAT)

PikoNet Software & Cradle for Piko-1 and Piko-6 Peak Flow Meters

  • Professional version – suitable for home or professional use
  • Compatible with the Piko-1 and Piko-6 peak flow meters.
  • Simplicity. Easily download data via infrared port on PiKo and cradle.
  • Graphical Customization. Viewed parameters selectable for table and graphs as well as dates, data, scales, and zones. Graphical data selectable for morning, afternoon, or all day.
  • Intelligent Design. PiKoNET configures PiKos with zones and reference values. Automatically calculates diurnal varition and links serial number(s) of PiKo(s) to the patient record.
  • Reporting. Reports include patient data, tables, and graphs that can be previewed on screen, printed, or saved as a PDF file on the patient’s record.
  • Records. Patient Records include ID, patient demographics, and reference values.
  • Security. Password protected databases can be created for storing patient records in groups or for trials.
  • Includes software CD, USB interface cradle, manual
  • New version of software (2.1) will work with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8, but is not compatible with older versions of Windows.
  • The previous version of the software is compatible with the older versions of Windows  (Win 98, ME, 2000, XP) – if you need the older version please specify at the time of ordering.
  • Minimum requirements: 64Mb RAM, 500Mb HDD

Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter LOW Range EU Scale £11.99 (inc VAT

Measures PEF (peak expiratory flow) between 50-400 l/min
Suitable for children and adults with restricted airflow

Features the latest EU scale, developed to improve the management of respiratory disease and adopted across Europe
Includes detachable universal mouthpiece and recording chart

HealthCare4All’s Essential Top 3 Products to keep your Sinuses Clear and Pain Free!

HealthCare4All’s Essential Top 3 Products to ‘Ease the Sneeze’ when suffering from Sinusitis

Image result for colds and flu

It appears that I was not the only person that just had an awful ‘Summer cold!’ Everyone seems to be coming down with a cold in Britain even though its so hot outside! The problem is that even after all the usual symptoms are gone, there are many unfortunate people, like myself, that end up with Sinusitis. Its kind of like a parting gift from the cold virus that is definitely not wanted and so hard to shift!

I decided to write this weeks blog on what sinusitis is, its signs and symptoms and what I and HealthCare4All recommend to ‘Ease The Sneeze!’

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a common condition in which the lining of the sinuses becomes inflamed. It’s usually caused by a viral infection and often improves within two or three weeks.

The sinuses are small, air-filled cavities behind your cheekbones and forehead.

The mucus produced by your sinuses usually drains into your nose through small channels. In sinusitis, these channels become blocked because the sinus linings are inflamed (swollen).

Signs and symptoms

Image result for what is sinusitisSinusitis usually occurs after an upper respiratory tract infection, such as a cold. If you have a persistent cold and develop the symptoms below, you may have sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis include:

  • a green or yellow discharge from your nose
  • a blocked nose
  • pain and tenderness around your cheeks, eyes or forehead
  • a sinus headache
  • a high temperature (fever) of 38C (100.4F) or more
  • toothache
  • a reduced sense of smell
  • bad breath (halitosis)

Children with sinusitis may be irritable, breathe through their mouth, and have difficulty feeding. Their speech may also sound nasal (as though they have a stuffy cold).

The symptoms of sinusitis often clear up within a few weeks (acute sinusitis), although occasionally they can last three months or more (chronic sinusitis).

If you are currently suffering with a cold, sneezing, coughing or sinusitis, you are not alone! I have done all the research for you! So here are HealthCare4all’s recommended winter products to help.

Wash out your sinuses!

Image result for neilmed

The first product is called NeilMed sinus rinse, and comes in an ideal starter pack for under £10

NeilMed #Sinus Rinse is a #natural #soothing saline #nasal wash. A large volume, low positive pressure nasal wash is the most effective way to irrigate the nose based on current medical studies. Daily rinsing is safe and will keep your nasal passages clean, healthy and open.

What does it help with?

  • Nasal Allergies, dryness and Hay Fever
  • Sinus Pressure & Nasal Stuffiness
  • Nasal Symptoms from Flu & Cold
  • Nasal Irritation from House Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander, Grass, Pollen, Smoke etc
  • Post Nasal Drip and Nasal Congestion

Its very easy to use but have a look at the video below to make sure you use it correctly! I personally use it and absolutely love that afterwards my sinuses feel so much clearer and pain free!

Image result for revidoxBoost your Immune System!

The Second product we recommend is one that we mentioned a few months ago. At this time of year we suggest that people should do all they can to help boost their immune system to fight off any flu, cold or virus that’s going round. One way is to take a supplement, and we recommend Revidox, as its the only Supplement that’s efficacy supported by clinical trials.

Revidox is an anti-aging Natural supplement that not only keep healthy cells healthy but also rapidly replaces your dead cells too.

REVIDOX+ Helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails as well as adding to normal cognitive function. It is a natural product which is made from ingredients found in fruits, berries, grapes and of course red wine.

HealthCare4All believe that £34.99 for 60 capsules is a worthwhile investment into your health this hay fever season.

Give Sinus pain the Elbow!

The third product is The Original Qu-Chi Hayfever Band ®. It has been our top selling product for Hay fever for nearly 8 years, also has been the number one best seller on for allergy products for FIVE years!

The reason I am mentioning it today is because we have had so many emails from customers telling us it really helped to clear their sinuses whilst they wore it. Customers have also told us its helped give them relief of symptoms from allergies to pets too. We love that its a drug free, natural product & has no side effects like drowsiness that you may get with antihistamines.

We think combined with the Neilmed Sinus Rinse, not only do your Sinuses have hay fever season covered but you will have all year round protection!

Its available from Healthcare4All for £12.95

HealthCare4All helping kids to look after their teeth!

HealthCare4All helping kids to look after their teeth!
HealthCare4All helping kids to look after their teeth!

Advancements in dental care technology means that taking care of our pearly whites is easier now than ever before. However, when it comes to encouraging our children to brush their teeth regularly, there is still an element of: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make the horse drink”.

Tooth decay in decline

A recent government report shows that due to good dental care education and practice, tooth decay among children is in decline. However, there is still more work to be done. In the article, Director of Dental Public Health at PHE -Dr Sandra White – is pleased with the findings and states:

“This is great news. However, one child with tooth decay is one too many and there is still much inequality in dental health around the country. Tooth decay is painful and too often results in teeth extraction, some under general anesthetic.”

“This is further evidence that we can stop tooth decay in its tracks. Limiting sugary food and drink, supporting children to brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and regular trips to the dentist, will help prevent a great many more children suffering at the hands of tooth decay.”

To encourage good practice in oral care, dental care product suppliers -HealthCare4all, look at ways to bring some fun into dental care education:

Boiled egg and cola experiment

A great experiment to demonstrate to children how sugar affects teeth that can be done at home. All you need to do is allow a boiled egg to soak overnight in cola. Next morning, ask your child to brush the egg with a toothbrush and toothpaste. As the discoloration is removed, ask your children how they think the stain got there and why they think brushing their teeth is so important after eating.

Happy faces at meal times

Making meal times fun is a great opportunity to teach children the value of eating healthily. Ask your children to form happy faces from healthy foods such as carrots, broccoli and slices of fruit. Take a photo of the finished article and perhaps even attach to the fridge. Afterwards, engage your children in a discussion on the benefits of eating healthy foods against eating sweets.

Tooth Brushing Chart

A great way to teach your children the importance of brushing daily is to draw a face with a large smiling mouth and hang on a poster board. Each day after your child has brushed their teeth they can stick a dried white navy been into the mouth. This is repeated each day until the mouth is filled completely and is left with a brilliant white smile.

HealthCare4all supplies dental care products for all ages.  They provide a fun range of electric toothbrushes for children that bring characters from Disney into the washroom:

Braun Oral-B Stages Kids Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush FROZEN:£29.98

This children’s toothbrush makes tooth brushing fun with the characters from Frozen. The Extra soft bristles cater for sensitive young teeth and gums. It is compatible with the Disney magic timer app by Oral B. The timer educates children to brush for the recommended two minutes, thus ingraining a life-long best practice.

Braun Oral-B Advance Power Kids Toothbrush Disney Cars: £13.99  Teeth brushing fun-time for 5 year olds and older with the characters from Disney’s Cars. This children’s toothbrush is moderately priced and has advanced power. The brushing heads are replaceable and are designed to clean chewing surfaces.


What is Arthritis and What are the BEST treatments to help the Pain?

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I have been getting loads of emails and requests at my pharmacy to recommend products that can help alleviate aches and pains associated with arthritis. I have chosen 4 of HealthCare4All’s favourite products to stop arthritis being a ‘pain in the neck!’

What Is Arthritis?

AROUND 10 million people in the UK suffer every day with the symptoms of arthritis that causes pain and inflammation in a joint.

The two most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Osteoarthritis affects 33% of people aged over 45, making it the most common form of arthritis. The condition is caused when wear and tear to the joints stops them being able to move freely, leading to pain and inflammation.

Often called “wear and tear” arthritis, osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of the disease. In OA, joint cartilage breaks down over time, causing symptoms like joint pain and stiffness.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

RA is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks joint tissue, causing inflammation of the joint lining leading to joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Over time, the joint components are damaged and the condition worsens. About 400,000 people in the UK are affected, with three times as many women as men diagnosed.

Medication is needed to control the symptoms of arthritis such as pain, and to prevent further complications.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritis but there are treatments which can help to slow the condition down. Also, there are things YOU can do to help with the symptoms!

  1. Watch your weight! As we get older we tend to put weight on, and this puts extra stresses on our joints. A healthy diet is essential!
  2. Do Some Exercise! The key to preventing arthritis is maintaining strength in our muscles.  We need to keep our muscles as healthy and strong to help with daily movements such as getting out of the chair, opening jars and getting in and out of the bath!
  3. Keep warm! Heat treatments, such as heating pads or warm baths, tend to work best for soothing stiff joints and tired muscles. Heat enhances circulation, delivering nutrients to joints and muscles. It’s good for getting your body limber and ready for exercise or activity. Cold is best for acute pain; it restricts blood vessels, slowing circulation and reducing swelling. It also numbs nerve endings, dulling pain.

1.The Beurer mp70 paraffin wax bath

Image result for Beurer MP70 Paraffin Wax Bath

  • For smooth and soft hands, feet and elbows
  • Promotes the absorption of nutrients and moisture
  • Conditions rough, dry or stressed skin
  • Increases blood flow
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Operating/Heating display
  • Including 2 x 450g paraffin wax (orange flavour)
  • Includes 30 plastic sheets
  • Mains powered
  • £70.00 with free delivery

2.Beurer HK54 Shoulder & Neck Electric Heating Pad

This Shoulder & Neck heating pad is made from soft and breathable material which provides warm, therapeutic comfort for your neck and shoulder area. Also featuring three temperature settings which allows you to easily adjust for your preferred heat intensity.

Image result for Beurer HK54 Shoulder & Neck Electric Heating Pad

  • Soothing heat from this electric heating pad, with a soft cosy surface and form-fitted design to ensure a comfortable fit for the shoulders and neck
  • The pad is individually adjustable by press stud & magnet closure
  • 3 settings on temperature controller
  • Illuminated switch positions
  • Control unit can be detached
  • Pad is machine washable at 30 degrees C
  • 100 watt power output
  • Timer function – powers off after 90 minutes
  • Electronic temperature regulation for safety
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Size of heat pad: 56cm x 52cm
  • £53.99 with free delivery

3.Medisana HDW Large Cosy Electric Heating Blanket

Image result for Medisana HDW Large Cosy Electric Heating Blanket

  • Deliciously-soft fleece which is an easy-care fabric
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Control light on wired remote
  • Cable can be detached at the blanket
  • Blanket is hand-washable
  • Overheating protection for safety
  • Automatic switch-off after 3 hours
  • Large size (180cm x 130cm) makes this model especially useful in bed or on a sofa
  • Perfect for warming up your bed before you get in, and you can then leave the soft fleece blanket under your duvet to cover you through the night
  • £59.99 with free delivery

4.Beurer IL50 300W InfraRed Radiator Heat Lamp With Timer

Related image

The Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp IL 50  (£69.00 with free delivery) is a new flat infrared lamp designed for infrared irradiation of the human body. The infrared radiator can be used for warming relief of colds, muscles aches and tension. Infrared heat improves blood flow and increases metabolic rate. Infrared warmth stimulates the body to improve healing rates.

It delivers healing infrared heat to a target part of the body. For example, it can be used alongside other therapy in the treatment of ear, nose and throat problems as well as for facial and beauty treatments. It can also be effective as a supportive therapeutic tool for muscular tension, muscular aches and chills.

It has a high quality glass ceramic infrared plate as used on cooking hobs. This glass ceramic infrared plate ensures that the lamp delivers infrared radiation that is both intense and 100% safe.

It enables you to target specific body areas with the infrared heat as the lamp is equipped with a tilting mechanism that facilitates smooth tilt to a required angle.

The Beurer Infrared Radiator Lamp features 15 minute timer and automatic switch off. The infrared radiator lamp offers the benefits of active ventilation (motorized fan) that prevents overheating during use.

HealthCare4All recommend the BEST products for Itchy, Swollen Dry Eyes

Do you suffer from Dry, Sore, itchy eyes that burn or feel like they have grit in them? If so, this weeks blog is for you!

HealthCare4All recommend the BEST products for Itchy, Swollen Dry Eyes
HealthCare4All recommend the BEST products for Itchy, Swollen Dry Eyes


This week I want to talk to you about a very common eye condition called Blepharitis. It can develop at any age and the main symptoms are that the edges of your eyelids become red and swollen. In most cases both eyes are affected, but often one eye is worse and generally its worse in the morning. Blepharitis isn’t contagious. Also, at this time of year there is so much pollen about. As we approach mid May, grass pollen season will start and if you get seasonal allergies you could be suffering with red, itchy swollen and dry eyes. The products below would be perfect for you!  I will write a post about seasonal allergies later this month with loads of advice and amazing products to give you some relief.

What are the Symptoms of Blepharitis?

INo automatic alt text available.t can develop at any age and symptoms include

  • crusting, swelling and redness of the eyelids
  • Dry eyes that have a gritty feeling and burning sensation
  • Light sensitivity and blurred vision
  • styes (an infection at the root of an eyelash) on the eyelid
  •  small ulcers on the eyelids
  • crusty eyelashes that stick together
  • uncomfortable to wear contact lenses

How to treat Blepharitis

Cleaning your eyelids to remove the crusts the eyelid margins and unblock the eyelid glands. To begin with you may need to clean your eyelids twice a day. You can do this by Using a warm compress – to make the oil produced by the glands around your eyes more runny.  Gently massaging your eyelids – to push the oils out of the glands. Cleaning your eyelids – to wipe away any excess oil and remove any crusts, bacteria, dust or grime that might have built up.
Unfortunately it is a long term condition that usually can not be cured so its a case of managing it. Even after the symptoms have gone it is a good idea to clean your eyelids at least a couple of times a week to reduce the chances of it recurring.  It is also suggested that daily eyelid-cleaning routine can help control the symptoms and prevent permanent scarring of the eyelid margins.

More severe cases may require antibiotics that are either applied to the eye or eyelid directly, or taken as tablets.

So what products do HealthCare4All recommend for Blepharitis?

Artificial Tear Drops to help with dry eye such as Hycosan Original Preservative-Free Lubricating Eye Drops. Hycosan Original (0.1% Sodium Hyaluronate) is a sterile preservative free eye drop which is ideal for mild to moderate symptoms of Dry Eye. It can be used for 6 months after first opening. We like the Hycosan product because this unique device also dispenses a single calibrated drop with each click, and as such it offers incredible value for money when compared to more traditional Preservative Free options.

  • Suitable for use with all contact lenses
  • No blurring of vision
  • Natural, soothing and well tolerated
  • Long lasting effect, due to high quality
  • Easy to use bottle
  • Suitable for use after eye surgery
  • The CoMod (Continous Mono Dose) system, keeps the contents sterile for 6 months from first opening and delivers a single equal sized drop (30µl) with each click.
  • For a 7.5ml bottle this equates to at least 225 drops per bottle or for a patient using it 3 times daily in both eyes, a 5+ week supply.
  • The Sodium Hyaluronate used in Hycosan is of an extremely high quality and this is evident by the viscosity (thickness) and the long lasting effects of the drop.
  • Uniquely, such high quality Sodium Hyaluronate, also allows this viscous, long lasting drop to cause no blurring of vision, which is a common problem with many viscous eye drops.
  • Hycosan is also unique, in that it is formulated using a citrate Buffer. The buffers acts to keep the pH of the solution neutral and maximise comfort in the eye. It also prevents the possible risk associated with Phosphate buffers used in some other

Blephasol Eyelid Hygiene Blepharitis Lotion.Blephasol-Eyelid-Hygiene-Blepharitis-Lotion-100ml-Sensitive-Eyelid-Daily-Use-New

  • Blephasol is tested by dermatologists and recommended for daily cleaning of sensitive eyelids, especially the lid margins.
  • It is made using a micelle formulation which ensures it is free from alcohol, detergents, and preservatives which can irritate the eyes.
  • It removes impurities, stains, make-up and dried secretions from eyelids and the base of eyelashes without causing any irritation of the eye or surrounding skin.

Ideal in the management of blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid margin). It Can be used twice a day on an ongoing basis without causing any harm.

Image result for Eye Doctor Microwave Eyelid Heat Pack

Eye Doctor Microwave Eyelid Heat Pack

Featuring a removable cover to ensure hygiene, The Eye Doctor is your ideal partner for treating Dry Eye Disease, related symptoms and complications…naturally.
High quality eyelid heat mask filled with a blend of natural British grains to ease a range of conditions.
Registered Class 1 Medical Device with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
 How does The Eye Doctor work?

The Eye Doctor will gently conform to the shape of your eyes and face. Either side of The Eye Doctor can be placed across the eyes, the blue side feels warmer than the black side.

After using The Eye Doctor, with your eyes closed, gently massage the upper eyelid by smoothing a finger from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner just about the lashes.

To ease symptoms of:

  • Blepharitis
  • Chalazion (Eyelid Cysts)
  • Blurred vision & sensitivity to light
  • Red Eyes (Bloodshot) and Dry Eye Disease
  • Grittiness & Irritation, inflamed, painful & sore eyes

Ocusoft Original Lid Scrub Blepharitis Wipes (x20)

Ocusoft Original Lid Scrub Blepharitis Wipes (x20) 

Contains 20 convenient Pre-Moistened Pads, which contain a gentle surfactant that removes oil, debris and dead skin cells from the eyelids. Ideal for routine daily eyelid hygiene and maintenance.

Without proper eyelid hygiene, conditions resulting in inflammation of the eyelids (such as blepharitis) and dry eyes may develop. Removing oil and debris from the eyelids with Ocusoft Lid Scrub, and, depending on the severity of the condition, possibly employing the use of antibiotics or antibacterial cleansers may help prevent or drastically reduce inflammation.

How to use Ocusoft Lid Scrub Original Pre-Moistened Pads
First, wash and clean hands. Then, fold the OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Pre-Moistened Pad over the index finger, close your eye and gently scrub the eyelid using side-to-side strokes for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use the opposite side of the same pad and repeat procedure with other eyelid.

When to get medical advice

See your high-street optician (optometrist) if you have persistent symptoms of blepharitis that aren’t being controlled by simple eyelid hygiene measures.

They can examine you to check if the problem is caused by an underlying condition, or may refer you to an eye specialist.

Contact your optometrist or GP immediately if you have any severe symptoms. If this isn’t possible, visit your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department.

Which Is The Best Body Fat Monitor Scale?

body fat monitor by HealthCare4All
what is the best body fat scale by healthcare4all


Have you ever wondered how to measure your body fat? Traditional scales that measure your weight and little more besides just won’t suffice anymore for many a serious slimmer. With advances in body weight technology it is now possible to not only monitor your weight but also how much of your body is actual fat.

Unlike conventional scales that measure your whole body weight without dissecting what the weight is related to, a body fat scale informs dieters of how much fat is in their body.

What body fat is healthy?

As the Daily Mail informs in an article about body fat analysers, for a woman between the ages of 20 and 39, a healthy percentage of body fat is 20 per cent. However, as we become older our bodies lose their lean tissue meaning we can weigh the same as we did when we were 25 years old 20 years later, but our bodies appear to be fatter.

This ‘growing fatter with age’ can however be reversed through exercise and a healthy diet and, according to Dr Frankie Phillips of the British Dietetic Association, body fat monitors can help in our quest to maintain a healthy weight and reverse the body’s tendency to lose its lean tissue and therefore look fatter.

“It’s [body fat scales] a good motivational tool for someone who has been dieting and exercising and is starting to lose motivation because nothing is changing on the scales,” Dr Phillips told the Daily Mail.

These types of scales can be a good motivational asset for individuals involved in an exercise and diet regime in which they are trying to lose weight. This is because of the fact that muscles weigh more than fat so dieters might actually be making good progress in their quest for a leaner body but on conventional scales do not realise they are making progress.

By contrast, these body fat analyser scales will inform an individual that their body fat is decreasing.

How does a body fat scale work?

These advanced types of scales work similar to conventional bathroom scales. Users simply step onto the scales, which then provides them with a digital reading in their body weight. In addition to their overall weight, the machine gives a body fat percentage.

As notes body fat scales rely on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), a small electrical current which goes through the tissues of the body. The current passes through fat slower than it does through muscles and it is the resistance that is measured.

If you are thinking about purchasing body fat scales in order to assist yourself or your family with a weight loss regime, you might be interested in the Omron BF511 Body Fat Monitor Scales. This advanced body fat analyser measures the percentage of body fat, skeletal muscle percentage, skeletal muscles, visceral fat level, as well as BMI and resting metabolism. Only £65.99 at HealthCare4All


HealthCare4All also recommend the Omron BF508, another quality body fat monitor scale which provides full body fat analysing, giving dieters comprehensive understanding of the composition of their bodies to help them achieve their weight loss and body shape goals. Only £49.99 at HealthCare4All



Check out HealthCare4All’s collection of fitness products here

What is the best Home Blood Pressure Machine? #HealthCare4All

What is the best Home Blood Pressure Machine? #HealthCare4All
What is the best Home Blood Pressure Machine? #HealthCare4All

This Week I want to talk to you about Home Blood Pressure Machines. Which is the best one? When do I take my blood pressure, and how often?

Home blood pressure machines are an effective way for us to learn more about our blood pressure and keep a close eye on what’s an extremely important element of our health. Put simply, the higher your blood pressure is, the higher the risk is of developing health problems in the future.

Home blood pressure monitoring can give you a more accurate reading of your blood pressure, as the NHS informs in its blood pressure guide:

“Portable machines that measure your blood pressure at home or on the move can be a useful way of getting a more convenient and accurate reading.”

“This is because some people become anxious in medical clinics, which can cause the blood pressure to rise. This is a condition called ‘white coat hypertension.”

Portable blood pressure monitors are long established as being a convenient and effective way to monitor our blood pressure, but is there an optimum time of the day to use them?

Whilst there is no right or wrong time to take your blood pressure, there are a few factors you should consider in order to make the most out of your home blood pressure machine.

Avoid taking your blood pressure immediately after waking up

The Mayo Clinic advises to avoid measuring blood pressure immediately after you have woken up. This is due to the fact our blood pressure is typically at its lowest on waking and therefore will not provide a truly accurate reading.

The May Clinic also advices to avoid taking any medication before using the device. If you do exercise when you wake up, use the monitoring machine before you do any exercise for a more accurate reading.

Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol before using the machine

Drinking tea, coffee and alcohol for at least half an hour before using the blood pressure monitor may result in you having a higher reading. It is therefore advised to refrain from drinking these substances prior to using the device.

A full bladder can also affect your blood pressure, so always go to the toilet before you check your blood pressure.

Measure your blood pressure at different times of the day

You might be tempted to take your blood pressure reading at the same time each day. However, measuring at different times will give you a more accurate assessment of your blood pressure overall. Taking the reading at different times will factor in different elements that can affect our blood pressure, such as hormone changes, stress and activity level.

Ormon M6 Comfort IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

One of my favourite blood pressure machines is the Omron M6. If you are on the lookout for a quality blood pressure monitor for home blood pressure checks, the Ormon M6 Comfort IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is a quality device, designed to give accurate assessments of blood pressure.

The machine connects to Bi-Link, so an internet connection is required, where users have free access to Health Management. The Ormon M6 Comfort IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has advanced averaging, irregular heartbeat detection, a morning hypertension tracker, as well as an easy blood pressure colour indicator.

You can buy the Ormon M6 Comfort IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor from Healthcare4all here for only  £69.98.

Another blood pressure machine that is new in this month is the A&D Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor UA-611. This is a super bit of kit and only £19.96 at HealthCare4All. It has ‘One button control’ – with latest 3rd generation fully automatic measurement technology. Clinically validated to the world recognised European Hypertension Society (ESH) 2010 protocol. 30 reading memory function with an Average reading function.
Irregular Heart Beat Indicator (IHB) which can be useful in the detection of atrial fibrillation. It also has a  World Health Organisation (WHO) blood pressure classification indicator – for easy and clear understanding of BP reading.

There are many blood pressure machines available, these are two of my favourites. Or to view all the blood pressure monitors we have available visit out blood pressure page.

What is Diabetes and what treatments are available?

What is Diabetes and what treatments are available?
What is Diabetes and what treatments are available?

I get a lot of people asking me at #HealthCare4All and my pharmacy about diabetes, so i thought I would write this weeks blog explaining what diabetes is and what treatments are available.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from diabetes. This is a chronic illness where the sugar level of a person is too high that it starts affecting their body’s normal processes.

Causes and Risk factors

Diabetes develops when the body has a resistance to insulin, or doesn’t produce enough of it. This hormone produced in our bodies controls the blood sugar level. Although we need sugar, or glucose, in our bodies to serve as fuel and energy, too much of it will cause problems with our digestive and excretory system.

People who have a family history of diabetes are at high risk of developing it. Being overweight, stressed, not having a balanced diet and being less physically active are also risk factors.


There are two types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes: Occurs when the body is not producing any insulin or is only producing very little of it. In this case, the body has actually destroyed its own insulin producing cells found inside the pancreas. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune illness.

Type 2 diabetes: Happens when the body’s cells are no longer responding properly to insulin. A big percentage of Type 2 diabetes patients develop the illness because of being unfit and overweight. This form of diabetes develops later in life, but there are cases where patients develop the disease as early as their 20s.

Through diabetic testing, doctors can diagnose this illness during its early stages. This makes it easier for patients to learn about diabetes monitoring and the ways to keep their blood sugar stable. There are many diabetes products available in the market, ranging from special diabetic meals to diabetic foot care.

At HealthCare4All we have a whole range of products including the Accu-Chek Mobile Blood Glucose Diabetes Monitoring System Kit £34.99, which makes blood glucose monitoring easier & more convenient, and allows you to test without inserting or disposing of strips.

0 Strip Free tests on a continuous tape – no single strips to handle or dispose of
6 lancets in a drum – no single lancets to see or touch
Easy lancing with 1-Click action to prime and release
Just 4 simple steps to perform a test
2000 test memory plus 7, 14, 30 and 90 day averages
PC ready reports via a USB cable (not supplied)
No clinical waste
Designed for people with diabetes using insulin
Measures in mmol/L

For more products take a look at

At the end of the day however, prevention is still key when it comes to diabetes. Knowing the risk factors should help people become aware if they can develop diabetes later in life. Having a healthy lifestyle, keeping active and staying away from too much stress helps steer clear of developing diabetes.



HealthCare4All recommends the BEST portable nebuliser

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This week I want to talk to you about Nebulisers. What they are, how they are used and which one HealthCare4All recommends!

First of all, What is a Nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a medical device that transforms medication from liquid to a mist so it can be inhaled into the lungs more easily. Being inhaled through a mouthpiece, the dissolved drugs are able to reach affected areas directly and quickly. Nebuliser machines are an effective way of delivering certain types of medication to infants and children suffering from asthma, or anybody else who finds it difficult to use an inhaler.

As Web MD informs using nebulisers to deliver certain medication is often referred to as “breathing treatment.” Nebuliser machines are available in both table top models, typically designed for home use, and portable versions. Whilst table top models have to be plugged into the electricity mains, portable nebulisers machines are usually smaller and are run on batteries.

What are nebulisers used for?

Nebulisers are used for the treatment, both domiciliary and emergency, of many respiratory conditions.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

People who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis are one of the primary users of nebuliser machines. Those with CF often rely on saline nebulisers, as the machine can allow the patient to inhale saline solutions more easily. The saline helps to thin mucus, preventing bacteria to grow in a warm environment. This helps antibiotics be delivered more effectively

Chronic Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

As the BBC informs, nebuliser machines are also used by patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a type of obstructive lung condition, which is characterised by an individual having poor air flow in the long term.


Emphysema affects millions of people around the world. Smoking is one of the leading causes of this lung condition. A nebuliser machines is often used to give emphysema patients medication through steam formation to help them cope with the disease and feel better. As My Emphysema Symptoms writes, nebuliser machines can be a faster and less time-consuming way for emphysema patients to get treated without having any side effects.


If an asthma patient has used a nebuliser during a hospital visit, they may be recommended one at home, if their GP or consultant believes they may benefit from one. These machines can be an effective way to provide respiratory assistance to people who find it difficult to use an inhaler, such as young children.

There are many different types of nebulisers to buy. Healthcare4all has a range of nebuliser machines available to buy, including asthma nebulisers, emphysema nebulisers, turboneb nebulisers, allergy nebulisers, COPD nebulisers, portable nebulisers, world traveller nebulisers, microair nebulisers, microneb nebulisers, amongst others.

There is only ONE nebuliser which i normally recommend. The MicroBase Pocket AirNeb Mini Portable Nebuliser, it is £74.99 from HealthCare4All and the reviews I have been getting are outstanding!

“Very happy with the product, I use it for my one month old baby, not noisy at all which helps a lot. Very easy to clean which makes my life easier, we tried the omron but it was difficult to use with baby as it had to be plugged in. Strongly recommend”

“I must admit I was a little bit unsure when I ordered it but I’m over the moon with every thing this little machine
Does its far better than the larger machine I use at home its small compact so easy to use and clean the bonus of it all it’s easy to carry as it’s not much bigger than your hand it comes with its own carry case which keeps every thing together a lady could put it in a hand bag its that small I would recommend this nebuliser to any one without any worry”

“Value for money I’m over the moon with it it’s small and light but as good it not better than the big machine I would have no problem recommending it to any one it easy to load easy to use and so easy to clean comes in a tidy well made zip up bag”

“Excellent service and a great value for money product. Silent, compact, and for the size very effective. Don’t leave home without one ! What a great item. Does exactly what it says on the tin ! Used it on the day of arrival it was so quiet I wasn’t sure it was working !”


the best portable nebuliser from healthcare4all
MicroBase Pocket AirNeb Mini Portable Nebuliser from HealthCare4All

Tiny travel nebuliser – less than 3 inches tall
Closed top medication chamber – add medication and it won’t leak out (unlike most other models)
Low power consumption (<1.5W)
Virtually-silent operation – ideal for night-time, or when you want to be discrete
Operates on 2 x AA batteries
Very economical replacement accessories (over 50% less than brand leader)
All accessories in stock for immediate despatch
No filters required
Average battery life: 4 days based on 20 minutes per day of usage
Can be used from integral mouthpiece or supplied mask
Can even nebulise high-viscosity solutions – nebulisation will be reduced
Simple to use – one button operation
Nebulises to the last drop, and minimises medication wastage
Lastest mesh technology – using Excimer laser technology, the traditional problems associated with meshes such as clogging, breakage, corrosion and high power consumption no longer exist




HealthCare4All recommends which is the BEST ECG home monitor to buy?

HealthCare4All recommends which is the BEST ECG home monitor to buy?
HealthCare4All recommends which is the BEST ECG home monitor to buy?

This Week I want to introduce you to an amazing world beating ECG Monitor from HealthCare4All that we highly recommend. We also supply to Harley Street cardiologists and overseas clinics who also love it.

Why we love the Heal Force Prince 180d Handheld ECG Monitor

The Best ECG machine from HealthCare4All

There are many Home monitors that allow you to record when you have symptoms, however, the Heal force is a world beater! We think its far better than the market leader Omron HCG801 as it includes software that allows not just the standard single-channel which others do, but also 3-channel ECG traces. HealthCare4All sell both monitors but recommend the Heal Force 180d, and its £130 cheaper! 

Its not just HealthCare4All that love it as its supplied to Harley Street cardiologists and overseas clinics who also love it.

Cardiac events often occur at irregular times, and it’s common for them to occur when you are not at the hospital or doctor’s. Even if you have a machine on loan for 24 hours, we often hear customers telling us that their condition didn’t occur until they handed the device back!

The Heal Force ECG 180D enables you to capture information and supply it to your doctor or cardiologist.

You Can also add optional limb clamp electrodes which makes it really easy to use without adhesive electrodes – these are used to get the fuller trace with the 3-lead setting.

It is Not a replacement for hospital 12-lead ECGs but it is a fantastic ECG Monitor for home.

It is a revolutionary handheld ECG monitor which offers real continuous monitoring for the first time, and with a 1- or 3-channel option. The first in its class to offer these options, and the PC software is included free of charge too.

It’s portable, and very easy to operate with various included options to allow for easy instant measurement day or night or continuous recording with all the required equipment supplied in one kit with a full colour OLED display.

The Heal Force Prince has Advanced measuring technologies which provide steady and accurate ECG waveforms Anaylsis and reporting of 19 suggested results

It includes PC data management software for data transmission and analysis

7 hours continuous monitoring with 3-channel; 16 hours continuous monitoring with mono-channel

Chest lead & limb lead measuring using supplied leads & electrodes


An ECG records the electrical activity of the heart. The heart produces tiny electrical impulses which spread through the heart muscle to make the heart contract. These impulses can be detected by the ECG machine. You may have an ECG to help find the cause of symptoms such as the feeling of a ‘thumping heart’ (palpitations) or chest pain. Sometimes it is done as part of routine tests – for example, before you have an operation.

The ECG test is painless and harmless. (The ECG machine records electrical impulses coming from your body – it does not put any electricity into your body.)


Do I need an ECG Monitor?

ECG monitors are really useful for patients with undiagnosed heart conditions (or diagnosed conditions where patients wish to monitor) such as AF = atrial fibrillation. AF is a very common problem but hard to prove as often asymptomatic when tested at hospital or GP.

  • The Heal Force Prince ECG Monitor will also detect if you have an abnormal heart rhythm, such as too fast, slow or irregular.
  • The Heal Force Prince ECG Monitor will also be able to detect if there is any damage to the Heart muscle after an Attack (myocardial infarction) as it heals with scar tissue.
  • It will also be able to detect an enlarged heart as this causes bigger impulses than normal.

The reviews for the Heal Force 180D ECG Monitor are fantastic, here is just one example..

I have used this to monitor my heart rhythm during sleep, I have had missing or skipping beats for about two years. My doctor says it’s nothing to worry about. But he’s not the one to have to put up with them. I was starting to think that the more I thought about my heart rate during the day the worse they got. So I wanted to see if I was having them whilst I was a sleep, when I’m not thinking about it. And I was, on the worst night I was having 100 irregular beats a night. I have used this ECG monitor to eventually bring it down 10 to zero on most nights. I can’t tell you how useful this monitor has been. It’s possible to print off the results to take to your doctor if you need to using a PC. You can’t monitor your heart whilst moving with the electrodes attached because they pick up any kind of movement. The way have reduced my irregular beat is a long story and one I thought I would never achieve and I’m still working on it.


Its Available at HealthCare4All with free delivery