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HealthCare4All recommends which is the BEST ECG home monitor to buy?

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This Week I want to introduce you to an amazing world beating ECG Monitor from HealthCare4All that we highly recommend. We also supply to Harley Street cardiologists and overseas clinics who also love it. Why we love the Heal Force Prince 180d Handheld ECG Monitor There are many Home monitors that allow you to record […]

Invaluable advice from HealthCare4All for Asthma treatment

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  Getting diagnosed with asthma can be daunting. Though with the right medication and care, asthma patients can stay fit, healthy and lead a normal life. As well as taking your regular asthma medication, there are certain lifestyle habits you can adopt and things to avoid that can help reduce asthma symptoms and the chances […]

What is the Best Pulse Oximeter?

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If you or your child suffer from asthma, you will know how important it is to take reliable and accurate oxygen level readings. This week i want to introduce you to the Heal Force Prince 100I Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. One of the reasons we love it so much is that it will give you peace […]

What Is The Best Digital Thermometer From #HealthCare4All ?

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The latest digital thermometers are easy and quick to use, non-invasive and reliable.  #HealthCare4All have done the research for you and here are my top 5! First of all here is what you need to know know about digital thermometers? Measuring the temperature of the body is important as a reading of higher or lower […]

Recommended Skincare from HealthCare4All

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  Our skin is precious. We only have that one ultimate outfit that we will be born in and that we will die in. There are lots of conditions that can affect the appearance of our skin, such as rosacea, acne, psoriasis and common dry skin. There are a multitude of products available to help […]

Suffering From Winter Depression? Try an SAD lamp from #HealthCare4All

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  It’s still winter and the weather here in the UK is predictably miserable, especially the past couple of weeks! Despite the nights getting slowly lighter, there’s still a way to go until the warm, sunny weather of spring. Yes, it’s hardly surprising that some of us suffer from a winter-associated condition known as Seasonal […]

Instant Pain Relief for Cracked, Painful & Sore Nipples from HealthCare4All

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One of the most common questions I get asked at my pharmacy is what product is BEST & SAFE for instant relief of pain from cracked and sore nipples whilst breastfeeding! Especially during national breastfeeding week. I have been lucky enough to become a daddy for the THIRD time recently and my wife made it […]

Virulite – The Best Treatment For Cold Sores From HealthCare4All

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Are you searching for the best cold sore remedies? Well, I have done the research for you! This week I want to talk about an amazing NHS Recommended, CE & FDA approved product we found for the treatment of cold sores. Its called the VIRULITE COLD SORE MACHINE and as soon as I listed it […]

What Is The Best Treatment for Super Lice and Nits?

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‘SUPER LICE’, It’s Time To Meet Your Nemesis ‘The LiceTec V Comb’ From HealthCare4All!!   #HealthCare4All are always searching the globe for the BEST products that are not going to break the bank! We have found an amazing gadget that will rid your children of LICE AND NITS and we have been ITCHING to tell […]

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