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TranquilEyes Moist Heat Eye Therapy Bead Version

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TranquilEyes Moist Heat Eye Therapy Bead Version For the relief of dry eye, MGD and blepharitis


The Beads are made from glycerin and water. Moisture to increase relative humidity is provided by a fabric pocket into which the Beads are placed before being submersed in water and heated in the microwave for 60 seconds. Once heated, the pocketed Beads are placed into the back of the goggles where they provide 15-25 minutes of moist heat.

Water and heat loosen the meibum, increase relative humidity, stabilising the tear film, while hydrating sensitive skin
Temperature controlled
Offers 15-25 minutes of moist heat ranging from 38°C-43°C

Pair of goggles fitted with sensitive skin foam
Thermoeye beads
Set of pockets
Mesh Bag

Weight: 130.00g
Manufacturer: Scope Healthcare
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Price: £24.98 (excluding VAT)
£29.98 (including VAT)