Relieve Your Achilles Pain and Improve Blood Flow for Lasting Relief

This Week I want to introduce you to an amazing at home massage machine that relieves problems with the Achillies Tendon!

FM 200 Achillomed®: Relieves problems with the Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the human body. However, overstressing and incorrect stressing may result in problems in this area.

This is Beurer’s new FM 200 Achillomed®, which can relieve such problems with the Achilles tendon with a soothing massage.

Relieve Your Achilles Pain and Improve Blood Flow for Lasting Relief

Achilles pain, whether due to a tear, rupture, overuse or tendonitis can be mild at best but excruciating at worst. Your Achilles tendon is the largest in the body, stretching from the bones of your heel up to your calf muscles. It is the reason you can walk and when it is injured or inflamed, something as simple as getting from A to B can be impossible.

If you have injured your Achilles tendon or have regular flare ups due to an unknown reason, regular massage can provide the relief you need and prevent future issues.

Massage Therapy When You Need It Most

Using the Beurer FM-200 Achillomed home massager, you can get regular, effective Achilles massage treatment at home. A doctor’s referral to a suitable physiotherapist can leave you in pain for weeks or even months on end until you are seen and finding a private physiotherapist who can help with this specific problem is very difficult; there are so few out there.

When you are suffering with Achilles pain you need treatment as soon as possible. Pain killers only work to mask the problem, whilst a massage using the Beurer FM-200 Achillomed can give you long term relief. Massage encourages blood flow to the affected area, this is what helps heal the damaged tendon leaving you feeling relaxed and with a noticeable reduction in pain.

Benefit from improved circulation with the Beurer Achillomed®. It has a soothing effect and reduces complaints with the Achilles tendon thanks to 6 rotating massage heads and 2 speed settings.

• To relieve problems with the Achilles tendon
• Soothing massage of the Achilles tendon that boosts circulation
• 6 rotating massage heads
• Achilles tendon massager with rotating massage heads
• 2 massage speeds
• With height and width adjustment
• 2 massage direction settings
• Removable massage heads for easy cleaning
• Illuminated LED operating display to show the massage setting
• Automatic switch-off
• Mains operation


FM 200 – effective use at home

Lots of athletes will already have had negative experiences with the Achilles tendon. Overstressing, insufficient regeneration periods or incorrect footwear can turn this area into a sore spot. In addition to adjusting training intensity and equipment, massage treatments can also provide relief.

You can now treat Achilles tendon problems conveniently at home with the FM 200 Achillomed®. The device can be individually adjusted using a footrest with height and width adjustment. Six rotating massage heads, two massage speeds and two massage directions allow further adjustments to be made for different requirements. An LED operating display gives the user a quick overview during treatment. The massage heads are removable and can therefore be cleaned easily and hygienically.

Buy with Confidence

The Beurer brand means quality and satisfaction. Your FM-200 Achillomed comes with a 3-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects so you can be sure your massager will look after you for years to come.

Whatever the cause of your Achilles pain, the Beurer FM-200 Achillomed offers a circulation boosting massage to help you recover quicker without frequent and expensive visits to the physiotherapist.

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