This is why HealthCare4All think that the Vitalograph 6300 Micro is the best Spirometer

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 This week I want to introduce you to an amazing product that is generally used by your Doctor to assess your lung function. The Spirometer I have chosen is aimed at professionals/Clinics so maybe a little OTT for home monitoring.

However, as you know me I wanted to find one that is the best and full of TECH!

What is a Spirometer?

What is the Best Spirometer?


A spirometer is a device used by your doctor to assess lung function. Spirometry, the evaluation of lung function with a spirometer, is one of the simplest, most common pulmonary function tests and may be necessary for any of the following reasons:

  • To determine how well the lungs receive, hold, and utilize air

  • To monitor a lung disease

  • To monitor the effectiveness of treatment

  • To determine the severity of a lung disease

  • To determine whether the lung disease is restrictive (decreased airflow) or obstructive (disruption of airflow)

After taking a deep breath, you forcefully breathe out into the spirometer as completely and forcefully as possible. The spirometer measures both the amount of air expelled and how quickly the air was expelled from the lungs. The measurements are recorded by the spirometer.

The normal, healthy values measured by the spirometer for the amount of air exhaled vary from person to person. Your results are compared to the average expected in someone of the same age, height, sex, and race, according to NHLBI. However, if the values fall below 85 percent of the average, it may indicate a lung disease or other airflow obstruction. If you have abnormal spirometer measurements, you may be referred for other lung tests to establish a diagnosis.


Vitalograph Micro Spirometer Model 6300 – 63310

Micro Touch Screen Spirometer
The Ultimate Low Cost, High Performance Spirometer
The Vitalograph Micro™ is a high quality spirometer at a great value price from the leading provider of spirometry devices to general healthcare and occupational health markets. This reliable, easy-to-use entry-level model offers all required functionalities in a full feature spirometer that is unrivaled in its price range.

The micro features the same high performance measuring technology used across the Vitalograph range and requires no user calibration. In contrast to turbine spirometers micro does not feature any sensitive moving parts, guaranteeing robustness and the highest possible measuring accuracy – even at very low or high flow rates. The running costs per measurement are low, as no expensive disposable sensors, turbines, spirettes and flow tubes are needed. Optimal hygienic operation is assured via Vitalograph Bacterial Viral Filters (BVF™).

The Micro is the ideal choice where fast accurate testing is required in environments where mobility is important.

The test results and curves on the micro are displayed on the colour touch screen and, if required, can be downloaded as a PDF for printing, filing and manual uploading to electronic medical record (EMR) systems. The new GLI spirometry predicted equations and Z-Scores are built in. Here is a link to the Vitalograph spirometer manual.

Excl. Tax: £541.65
Incl. Tax: £649.98



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