What are the best products to help manage Diabetes?


This week I want to talk about diabetes and how to manage the condition. Fortunately, with some additional care and attention, diabetes can be effectively managed all year long. As pharmacists, at Healthcare4all we are providers of diabetes products and can give advice on managing diabetes effectively.



Avoid catching colds and flu

According to  Diabetes.co.uk, due to the difficulties it can create with diabetes management, people with diabetes are generally at a greater risk in they catch flu. One potentially dangerous complication of flu can be the onset of pneumonia, which people with diabetes are more at risk from developing compared to those without diabetes.

It is therefore important that if you have diabetes you try and stave off colds and flu all year round.


Washing your hands

Washing your hands often and using sanitisers can help ward off the germs associated with colds and flu. Getting plenty of rest and having the flu vaccine can help avoid people from getting the flu.


Keep warm

The Mayo Clinic advises that people with diabetes stay warm, and keep their feet protected and warm by wearing comfortable shoes and socks to help keep circulation problems at bay.


Eat well and exercise

Try and stay healthy throughout the winter by eating well. Have a well-balanced diet that comprises of plenty of fruit, vegetables, protein and grains.

Taking regular exercise can also help you stay fit to ward off potentially harmful illnesses.


Diabetes products

Diabetes monitoring with products such as a diabetes monitor and a diabetes meter is extremely important during the winter. Such products enable diabetics to test, monitor and control their blood sugar levels.

Healthcare4all has a range of diabetes monitoring products and equipment for sale.

The Accu-Chek Mobile system makes blood glucose monitoring easier & more convenient, and allows you to test without inserting or disposing of strips

  • 50 Strip Free tests on a continuous tape.
  • No single strips to handle or dispose of 6 lancets in a drum.
  • No single lancets to see or touchEasy lancing with 1-Click action to prime and release
  • Just 4 simple steps to perform a test
  • 2000 test memory plus 7, 14, 30 and 90 day averages
  • PC ready reports via a USB cable (not supplied)
  • No clinical waste
  • Designed for people with diabetes using insulin
  • Measures in mmol/L

The Accu-Chek costs £34.80


Medisana Meditouch-2 Glucose Diabetes Testing Monitor

The Medisana Meditouch-2 Glucose Diabetes Testing Monitor is another diabetes product Healthcare4all has available to purchase.

Based on an improved enzyme composition that reacts with glucose specifically, the Medisana Meditouch-2 Glucose Diabetes Testing Monitor helps to minimise the influence of other substances. The device’s test strips also comprise of an underfilling detection feature, which is designed to prevent a measurement being made if the blood sample provided is not sufficient.

The Medisana Meditouch-2 Glucose Diabetes Testing Monitor costs £25, inc VAT on the Healthcare4all website.


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