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Welcome to this weeks blog post! Firstly, all of us at HealthCare4All would like to wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

2017 has been an amazing year for us, becoming the UK distributor for so many brilliant products, our ebay and amazon feedback has been outstanding and we also launched our new website!

I thought it might be a good time to write about 3 of my favourite and best selling products this week. So here they are!!


At this time of year people are talking about Flu jabs and nasty colds that leave them coughing, sneezing and generally feeling rubbish. Its a great idea to take a supplement that will Boost your immune system to help fight off illness and colds.

My first product that is extremely popular in Europe and especially Spain, but is new to the UK is called Revidox and its the only anti-aging product and immune system booster whose efficacy is supported by clinically trials that showed results in 60 days!

There is a lot of hype surrounding Revidox, so before I recommend it I needed to find out if  the claim is justified?

So what is Revidox?

Image result for Revidox PLUS Healthy Skin Food Supplement

Revidox is an anti-aging supplement that not only keep healthy cells healthy but also rapidly replaces your dead cells too. At this time of year, when there are all kinds of bugs and flu viruses going round its a great idea to take a supplement that will Boost your immune system to help fight off illness and colds.

REVIDOX+ Helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails as well as adding to normal cognitive function.

It is a natural product with which is made from ingredients found in fruits, berries, grapes and of course red wine.

45 Kilos of Grapes in Revidox+

Revidox+(RRP £34.99 for 60days) is a NEW ‘beauty from within’ supplement containing all-natural ingredients including STILVID® – a 100% bio-active and patented form of Resveratrol, derived from the skin of grapes(2).

How does Revidox work?

Over twenty years ago a scientific study which became known as the “French paradox” showed why the French, who eat unhealthy amounts of fatty foods have the lowest rate of heart disease and related illness in the western world. The answer was found in the red wine they were drinking, to be exact, in the resveratrol in the red wine. Revidox contains STILVID®which is a new patented form of Resveratrol derived from the skin of grapes. It somehow (scientists are still working on this!) inhibits bacteriological infections that wear down the immune system and this is why so many consumers ‘feel’ much better afterwards.

It up regulates the SIRT 1 Gene and slows down cellular aging and helps maintains healthy skin.

Revidox contains the equivalent of 40 glasses of red wine! There is no need to drink 40 glasses of wine a day when you get all these benefits from a single pill and you cannot take too much of it. the more you take the greater the benefits.

Clinical trials have shown that there seems to be a correlation between Revidox and the anti-ageing process. This correlation has been enough to cause a surge in demand for the product!

45 Kilos of Grapes in Revidox+

What is in it?

Revidox+ contains a vital mix of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that work in harmony to maintain healthy skin and address the signs of ageing, including:

  • Pomegranate extract: rich in Ellagic Acid, polyphenols and Punicalagin

  • Vitamin C*: a powerful antioxidant proven to promote healthy collagen formation (responsible for our skin’s elasticity) to help encourage firm, plump skin

  • Selenium*: a vital mineral proven to shield cells from free radical damage whilst helping to maintain healthy hair and nails

  • Vitamin B2*: assists with maintaining healthy skin and energy levels. Like Selenium it helps protect cells from oxidative stress

  • Zinc: supports healthy hair, skin and nails, as well as supporting natural immune function

How often should I take Revidox+?

Take 1 capsule a day with a meal. We recommend including Revidox+ as a healthy habit from age 30.

*Dietary supplements are not intended to replace a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Cautions: Not for children under 12, or for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

If you would like to read a review by someone who has personally tried Revidox please have a look at one written by http://mummyvstheworld.com/2016/03/18/revidox-review/



  1. Clinical Trial (2011) – Conducted in Spain by Actafarma Laboratories involving 50 participants (male & female aged 35 – 65) selected by a dermatologist in a double-blind, randomised & placebo controlled clinical-instrumental assessment of the efficacy of a dietary supplement (REVIDOX+).


Buonocore D. et al. Resveratrol-procyanidin blend: nutraceutical and antiaging efficacy evaluated in a placebo-controlled, double-blind study. Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology. 2012:5 159-165.




My second product is The Virulite cold sore machine!


Virulite is an amazing NHS Recommended, CE & FDA approved product we found for the treatment of cold sores. Its called the VIRULITE COLD SORE MACHINE and as soon as I listed it on amazon the 5 out of 5 reviews started rolling in!

What is it Virulite and how does it work?

  • Original Cold Sore machine made by Virulite
  • VCS1 Stops Cold Sores in their tracks when used at the first sign
  • Helps your skin to defend against the attack of the Herpes simplex virus
  • Uses Passive light invisible to the naked eye. Stimulating your body into reacting to the Cold Sore virus
  • Proven to work over and over. In some cases, the use of this machine prevents future attacks
  • Its developers claim that it  heals cold sores twice as quickly as using an antiviral cream.
  • Virulite is thought to increase the immune response to the virus

Why we like The Virulite Cold Sore Machine so much!

It is incredibly reliable and lasts for years. The only maintenance required is an occasional battery change.

At my pharmacy I see a lot of customers that are suffering with Cold sores and they get very frustrated with the current treatment options such as aciclovir (Zovirax) cream. The reason being that they are not very effective and in order to have any relief you have to catch the cold sore early. Unfortunately once you have the virus you have it for life as Cold Sores recur.

Virulite is different- it works by emitting invisible light which stimulates local immune response. It has NO harmful side effects and unlike the creams it works at any stage of sore.

Virulite has been approved by the NHS some years ago, and is also FDA approved which needed lots of evidence to show it really works.

The only downside about the machine is the cost. At £79.99 & FREE Delivery it is not cheap! However the Virulite is a very high quality product that is recommended by the NHS and proven to be Much more effective than creams for the treatment of cold sores. Also, we feel it is worth the money as the evidence has shown that the device also reduces the recurrence of cold sores.


How to use the Virulite Cold Sore Machine

The device should ideally be used as soon as the customer feels the “tingle” indicating that a cold sore is about to erupt. Simply hold the device against the affected area and press the activation button.

A visible light indicator lets you know that invisible infra-red light is being delivered to the area. After three minutes a “beep” lets you know that treatment is complete.

Customers are advised to repeat the treatment 12 hours later. If the cold sore progresses, the device should be used four times a day for two more days.

The Evidence

Results of a trial of 60 patients (published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology in 2001)showed that a single application of Virulite CS healed cold sores in an average of 4.3 days, compared with 8.1 days for topical aciclovir applied five times a day.

A second trial, involving 32 patients (published in the same journal in 2006), showed that Virulite CS had a mean healing time of 6.3 days compared with 9.4 days for no treatment. The evidence has shown that the device also reduces the recurrence of cold sores and this is the subject of ongoing research.

The device is ISO13485 compliant (an international quality standard for medical devices) and has CE approval (showing that the device complies with relevant European health and safety legislation) & also FDA approval. No side effects have been reported.

The Reviews

The Testimonials and reviews for the Virulite are amazing, for example this one by Bobby Lall,

Every year I used to dread February as I knew I would get a cold sore. Obviously like most cold sore sufferers you try everything under the sun, excuse the pun. I stumbled across this product by the usual “cold sore cures” via google. So decided to give it a go; February has come and gone and I had 1 potential flare up which I immediately “attacked” with the Virulite, I thought that it was a coincidence\luck when it didn’t flare up at all. I was absolutely chuffed. I felt a tingling again (march 2010) and a tiny blister appeared – done the Virulite and within 1 day it’s gone. BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU SUFFER FROM COLD SORES – it’s the best thing I’ve used. Pain free, no mess easy to use. Brilliant Cold Sore Machine

Buy NOW from HealthCare4All


My third choice of products are the Rite Aid Breast Discs!

One of the most common questions I get asked at my pharmacy is what product is BEST & SAFE for instant relief of pain from cracked and sore nipples whilst breastfeeding!

I found an amazing product that is one of the BEST SELLING from Australia which is RECOMMENDED by maternity wards and midwives, called the RITE AID BREAST DISCS and Healthcare4all.co.uk have become the FIRST UK DISTRIBUTORS!

They are also ideal for us gentlemen that have sensitive nipples. I personally find that when I wear my football shirt or certain shirts they can really irritate my nipples. Solution is RITE AID!

So, what makes them so special?

soothes sore, cracked painful nipples from healthcare4all
Rite Aid Breast Discs

Of course they are safe and extremely easy to use, however they are unlike anything else in the market. They actually promote healing from underneath the pad, they are not just an absorbent or protective pad like existing products. As soon as they are applied there is INSTANT RELIEF of pain whilst simultaneously HEALING the cracked and sore nipple!

Another massive plus point is that they come with 12 PADS whereas other products like Medela only come with 4 pads for roughly the same price!

The feedback I have received is remarkable, just take a look at some of the amazing REVIEWS of course my wife swears by them!

RITE AID BREAST DISCS can save mothers who are about to stop breastfeeding due to pain and sores and as they come in packs of 12 rather than 4 will SAVE you money!

These breast discs are amazing, and have won the GOLD AWARD in Australia Mother & Baby Magazines ‘Most popular product for mum’.

They are available at healthcare4all for only £12.98 and we offer NEXT DAY DELIVERY!


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