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  • This is wonderful wish I got 1 sooner took it away with me for a week holiday to Greece it was so easy to carry looking to buy another 1 in case for back up to America but will need to safe my copd friends are looking to get it as Well thankyou again

    M Brotherston
  • Purchased for my husband who suffers very badly with hay fever and he can’t rate this high enough! He said he was doubtful of the effect it would have but has been completely converted. Excellent product

    Jenny Larmour
  • I would go as far as to say that hydrogel pads enabled me to breastfeed my daughter successfully. My nipples had become very sore, cracked and bleeding from over-feeding before my milk came in and yet, within 24 hours of using the pads, I was able to feed without any pain whatsoever. The pads were cooling, comforting, moisturising and gave me the confidence and ability to breastfeed my daughter successfully - so much so that she had actually put on weight by her five-day check! I would highly recommend them to any breastfeeding mums experiencing any discomfort and have told our local health visitors how good they are so other mums can use them, too. Laura, Buckinghamshire

    Laura, Bucks
  • product seems to work so far - no nasties after a month's use. thank you.

    Jo Kenworthy-Browne
  • Have tried on my two dogs, still have found several ticks from both of them.

  • Excellent services and sell, outstanding product.

  • Easy, simple, lightweight. Yet massively beneficial to your respiratory system.

  • Clears out allot more mucous faster then the average bulb

  • great product, had different ones, all bad, glad i found this one, very pleased. R.W.

  • I bought the Heal Force Prince 180B and would strongly recommend this monitor. I owe a huge thanks to Healthcare4all (Daniel) who discussed the machine prior to purchase and also gave me the much needed aftercare (even 15 months later!). Buying this meant that I was able to take some readings to the hospital and it was only then that they took note. I am now in the throws of serious investigation, but still use my machine to keep tabs on my heart. It has been invaluable to me! Thank you Daniel.

    Denise S